Foulston Siefkin Lecture, Fall 2015: Heidi Mandanis Schooner

Washburn University School of Law
and the Washburn Law Journal
proudly present the
39th Annual Foulston Siefkin Lecture

Heidi Mandanis Schooner
Professor of Law
The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law

"Managing Banks' Regulatory Capital"

Thursday – November 5, 2015
12:10-1:00 p.m. – Room 102

Photograph: Heidi Mandanis Schooner.Heidi Mandanis Schooner is a Professor of Law at Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America. She has extensive experience as a practitioner and scholar in the regulation of the financial services industry. As a practicing lawyer, Professor Schooner served as in-house counsel to a Washington, D.C., area bank holding company, and in the General Counsel's Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Professor Schooner's scholarship addresses a wide variety of topics relevant to the financial services industry. She has studied the liability of bank directors, the institutional structure of regulatory agencies, and the international regulation of bank capital. Recently, Professor Schooner co-authored an article examining the patent activities of large financial institutions, "Big Banks and Business Methods Patents," 16 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 431 (2014) (with Megan La Belle). Professor Schooner also co-authored a book on international bank regulation, Global Bank Regulation: Principles and Policies (Elsevier 2010) (with Michael W. Taylor).

Professor Schooner's Foulston Siefkin Lecture at Washburn University School of Law will focus on the regulation of banks' capital. The regulation of bank capital has been a particular focus among policymakers since the 2008 financial crisis. Professor Schooner will explore the challenges in regulating banks' capital and, in particular, the role of bank management in determining the level of capital that allows a bank to operate efficiently and, at the same time, be consistent with principles of safety and soundness.

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