Foulston Siefkin Lecture

Since 1978 the Wichita law firm of Foulston Siefkin has generously sponsored the Foulston Siefkin Lecture Series. This lecture series brings a prominent legal scholar to Washburn University School of Law to challenge and enhance the legal thinking of our students and faculty. The visiting scholar delivers a lecture and also provides an article for the next volume of the Washburn Law Journal.

Foulston Siefkin presenters and their topics include:

Photograph: Holly Doremus2024 - Associate Dean Holly Doremus (Learn more...)
Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Research and the James H. House and Hiram H. Hurd Professor of Environmental Regulation at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
"Reimagining a River," 64 Washburn L.J. __

Photograph: U.W. Clemon2023 - Judge U.W. Clemon (Learn more...)
Retired Federal Judge
"A Dream Deferred: The Fight for Desegregation of America's Schools," 63 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Daniel Bodansky.2022 - Professor Daniel Bodansky (Learn more... | Watch Lecture on YouTube)
Regents Professor, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
"The UN Climate Change Regime Thirty Years On — A Retrospective and Assessment," 62 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Nadine Strossen.2021 - Professor Nadine Strossen (Learn more... | Watch Lecture on YouTube)
John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law, Emerita, New York Law School
"Why Should Hatemongers and Extremists Have Free Speech Rights?," 61 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Matthew Tokson.2019 - Professor Matthew Tokson (Learn more...)
Associate Professor of Law at University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law
"The Next Wave of Fourth Amendment Challenges after Carpenter," 59 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Ruth Okediji.2018 - Professor Ruth Okediji (Learn more...)
Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School
"The Right to Own?: Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property," 58 Washburn L.J. 271.

Photograph: Harold Hongju Koh.2017 - Professor Harold Hongju Koh (Learn more...)
Sterling Professor of International Law at Yale Law School
"The Trump Administration and International Law," 56 Washburn L.J. 413.

Photograph: Heidi Mandanis Schooner.2015 (Fall) - Professor Heidi Mandanis Schooner (Learn more...)
Professor of Law at The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law
"Managing Banks' Regulatory Capital," 55 Washburn L.J. 327.

Photograph: Hiroshi Motomura.2015 (Spring) - Professor Hiroshi Motomura (Learn more...)
Susan Westerberg Prager Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law
"The President and Deportation: DACA, DAPA, and the Sources and Limits of Executive Authority," 55 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Steven Eagle.2014 - Professor Steven J. Eagle (Learn more...)
Professor of Law at George Mason University School of Law
"How Government Regulation Becomes Private Property," 54 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Sidney Shapiro.2013 - Professor Sidney A. Shapiro (Learn more...)
University Distinguished Chair in Law at Wake Forest University School of Law
"Rethinking Administrative Law: The Institutions of Public Law" 53 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Monroe Freedman.2012 – Professor Monroe H. Freedman (Learn more or watch lecture...)
Professor of Law at Hofstra University Maurice A. Deane School of Law
"Prosecutors' Ethics -- Fighting to Sustain Unethical and Unconscionable Conduct on Appeal," 52 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Susan Bandes.2011 – Professor Susan A. Bandes (Learn more or watch lecture...)
Distinguished Research Professor of Law at DePaul University College of Law
"Moral Imagination in Judging," 51 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: William Eskridge.2010 – Professor William N. Eskridge, Jr. (Learn more or watch lecture...)
John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence at Yale Law School
"Political Powerlessness as a Requirement for Suspect Classifications?," 50 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Donald Zillman.2009 – Professor Donald N. Zillman (Learn more...)
Edward S. Godfrey Professor of Law at University of Maine School of Law
"More Than Tilting at Windmills," 49 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Karl Jorda.2008 – Professor Karl Jorda
David Rines Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Industrial Innovation at Franklin Pierce Law Center
"Patent/Trade Secret Complementariness: An Unsuspected Synergism," 48 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Jeffrey Rosen.2007 – Professor Jeffrey Rosen
The George Washington University Law School
"The Supreme Court: Judicial Temperament and the Democratic Ideal," 47 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Marc Steinberg.2006 – Professor Marc I. Steinberg
Rupert and Lillian Radford Professor of Law at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
"The Corporate Attorney as a 'Moving' Target: Liability and Ethical Dilemmas," 46 Washburn L.J. 1.
Watch Professor Steinberg's Lecture (62 minutes) (requires Windows Media Player).

Photograph: Erwin Chemerinsky.2005 – Professor Erwin Chemerinsky
Alston & Bird Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law
"Civil Liberties and the War on Terror," 45 Washburn L.J. 1.
Watch Professor Chereminsky's Lecture (54 minutes) (requires Windows Media Player).
Read the transcript.

Photograph: Mildred Robinson.2004 – Professor Mildred W. Robinson
Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Professor of Law at the University of Virginia School of Law
"Fulfilling Brown's Legacy: Bearing the Costs of Realizing Equality," 44 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Mark Sargent.2003 – Dean Mark A. Sargent
Dean, Villanova University School of Law
"Lawyers in the Perfect Storm: Sarbanes-Oxley §307 and Corporate Lawyering Post Enron," 43 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Rachel Moran.2002 – Professor Rachel F. Moran
Robert D. and Leslie-Kay Raven Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley Law School
"Law and the Construction of Fear," 42 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Joseph Sax.2001 – Professor Joseph A. Sax
James H. House & Hiram H. Hurd Professor, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall)
"The New Age of Environmental Restoration," 41 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Akhil Reed Amar.2000 – Professor Akhil Reed Amar
Southmayd Professor, Yale Law School
"Becoming Lawyers in the Shadow of Brown," 40 Washburn L.J. 1.

Photograph: Edward Larson.1999 – Professor Edward J. Larson
Richard B. Russell Professor of History and Law, University of Georgia
"Tales of Death: Storytelling in the Physician-Assisted Suicide Litigation," 39 Washburn L.J. 159.

1998 – The Honorable Alex Kozinski
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
"Keeping Secrets: Religious Duty vs. Professional Obligation," 38 Washburn L.J. 748 (article co-authored with Leslie A. Hakala).

1997 – Professor Burt Neuborne
John Norton Pomeroy Professor of Law, New York University School of Law
"One Dollar-One Vote: A Preface to Debating Campaign Finance Reform," 37 Washburn L.J. 1.

1996 – Professor Derrick Bell
Visiting Professor, New York University Law School
"Racial Libel as American Ritual," 36 Washburn L.J. 1.

1995 – Professor Cheryl I. Harris
Chicago-Kent College of Law
"Myths of Race and Gender in the Trials of O.J. Simpson and Susan Smith - Spectacles of Our Times," 35 Washburn L.J. 225.

1994 – Professor Timothy P. Terrell
Emory University School of Law
"A Tour of the Whine Country: The Challenge of Extending the Tenets of Lawyer Professionalism to Law Professors and Law Students," 34 Washburn L.J. 1.

1993 – Professor Jane E. Larson
Northwestern University School of Law
"'Imagine Her Satisfaction': The Transformative Task of Feminist Tort Work," 33 Washburn L.J. 56.

1992 – Professor John S. Lowe
George W. Hutchison Professor of Energy Law, Southern Methodist University
"Principles of Energy Policy," 32 Washburn L.J. 1.

1991 – Professor Martha A. Field
Harvard University School of Law
"Surrogacy Contracts - Gestational and Traditional: The Argument for Nonenforcement," 31 Washburn L.J. 1.

1990 – William L. Webster
Missouri Attorney General
"The Emerging Role of State Attorneys General and the New Federalism," 30 Washburn L.J. 1.

1989 – Vincent T. Bugliosi
Private Practice; formerly Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney
"Tactics and Techniques in the Trial of a Criminal Case," 29 Washburn L.J. 1.

1988 – Professor Liu Gui-yun
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Shanghai, China
"China's Foreign Investment Legislation," 28 Washburn L.J. 1.

1987 – Professor Arthur Kinoy
Rutgers University School of Law, Newark
"The Present Constitutional Crisis," 27 Washburn L.J. 1.

1986 – Professor Stephen A. Saltzburg
University of Virginia School of Law
"Miranda v. Arizona Revisited: Constitutional Law or Judicial Fiat," 26 Washburn L.J. 1.

1985 – Professor Walter Probert
University of Florida Levin College of Law
"Interpretation: Its Relevance in Courts, Criticism and Jurisprudence," 25 Washburn L.J. 1.

1984 – Professor Irving Younger
Marvin J. Sonosky Professor, University of Minnesota Law School
"Confrontation," 24 Washburn L.J. 1.

1983 – The Honorable Monroe G. McKay
United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
"Double Jeopardy: Are the Pieces the Puzzle?" 23 Washburn L.J. 1.

1982 – Professor James J. White
University of Michigan School of Law
"Contract Law in Modern Commercial Transactions, an Artifact of Twentieth Century Business Life?," 22 Washburn L.J. 1.

1981 – Professor John E. Murray, Jr.
Dean, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
"The Article 2 Prism: The Underlying Philosophy of Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code," 21 Washburn L.J. 1.

1980 – Dean David G. Epstein
Dean, University of Arkansas School of Law
"Chapter 13: Its Operation, Its Statutory Requirements as to Payment to and Classification of Unsecured Claims, and Its Advantages," 20 Washburn L.J. 1.

1979 – Professor Arthur R. Miller
Harvard Law School
"The Privacy Revolution: A Report From the Barricades," 19 Washburn L.J. 1.

1978 - Professor Vern Countryman
Harvard Law School
"Consumers in Bankruptcy Cases," 18 Washburn L.J. 1.

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