Volume 4, No. 2 (Spring 1965) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


Schuyler Wood Jackson 1904-1964: In Memoriam, p. 175-6 (191 KB PDF)
Jay S. Parker, Melvin C. Poland

The Dean's Report to the Bar, p. 178-182 (336 KB PDF)
John E. Howe

The States and "No Establishment": Proposed Amendments to the Constitution Since 1798, p. 183-210 (2.21 MB PDF)
William O'Brien

Canon 35: Is There Room for Objectivity?, p. 211-239 (2.17 MB PDF)
Karl P. Warden


Inchoate Dower and The Marketable Title, p. 240-256 (1.49 MB PDF)
David K. Fromme

Infant Contracts—Beneficial Aspect, p. 257-265 (738 KB PDF)
Gary Lee Kaufman

The Rescue Doctrine—Exoneration for Contributory Negligence, p. 266-276 (947 KB PDF)
Max L. Geiman

The Trend Away from Lex Loci Delicti, p. 277-284 (666 KB PDF)
William A. Taylor

Case Comments

Constitutional Law—Evidence—Comment on Defendant's Failure to Testify [Shott v. Tehan, 6th Cir. 1964], p. 285-288 (344 KB PDF)
Frederick C. Perz

Constitutional Law—Right to Counsel—When Does it Attach? [State v. Young, Kansas 1965], p. 289-292 (339 KB PDF)
Larry Nelson

Criminal Law—Right to Counsel—Waiver by a Minor Defendant [In re Ritchie v. Rhay, Wash. 1963], p. 293-300 (679 KB PDF)
Ralph Jones

Criminal Law—Stipulations—Right of Defendant to be Present [State v. Burnett, Kansas 1964], p. 301-304 (320 KB PDF)
Frederick Thompson

Domestic Relations—Continuance of Alimony After Death [In re Roberts' Estate, Iowa 1964], p. 305-309 (443 KB PDF)
Kent Smith

Torts—Entering Business Establishment to Use Public Facilities—Business Invitee or Licensee [Argus v. Michler, Mo. 1961], p. 310-315 (488 KB PDF)
Donald R. Hill

Torts—Negligence—Last Clear Chance [Letcher v. Derricott, Kansas 1963], p. 316-318 (264 KB PDF)
Dennis L. Bieker

Trade Regulations—The Investment Company Act of 1940—Private Civil Action in Lieu of Injunctive Action by Securities and Exchange Commission [Taussig v. Wellington Fund, Inc., 3rd. Cir. 1963], p. 319-324 (529 KB PDF)
Otis C. Shearer

The "Good Cause" Requirements of Rule 234 [K.S.A. 60-234], p. 325-330 (450 KB PDF)
Joseph Flynn

Book Reviews

Essays on Criminal Procedure—Helen Silving, p. 331-332 (114 KB PDF)
Michael A. Barbara

Books Received

Books Received, p. 333 (122 KB PDF)


Index Volume IV, (255 KB PDF)

Miscellaneous Pages

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