Volume 5, No. 2 (Spring 1966) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


The Dean's Report to the Bar, p. 169-173 (380 KB PDF)
John E. Howe

Admissibility of Evidence Secured by Eavesdropping Device, p. 174-191 (1.5 MB PDF)
Hon. George Templar

Secured Transactions in Kansas: The New Look, p. 192-217 (2.2 MB PDF)
Eugene Balloun

Gifts to Minors: Tax Considerations, p. 218-231 (1.2 MB PDF)
Richard D. Shiney

The Motion in Limine—a Neglected Trial Technique, p. 232-239 (780 KB PDF)
Tom H. Davis


Transacting Business Under the "Long Arm" Statute, p. 240-248 (771 KB PDF)
Dennis L. Bieker

Free Riders and the Agency Shop, p. 249-261 (1.2 MB PDF)
Andrew Stone Hartnett, II

The Application of Deadly Force to Effectuate an Arrest, p. 262-269 (665 KB PDF)
David S. Knudson

Discovery—Disclosure of Existence and Policy Limits of Insurance Prior to Trial, p. 270-280 (929 KB PDF)
Gary Kershner

Case Comments

Agency—Consent: The Basis of the Agency Relationship [Hiniger v. Judy, Kansas 1965], p. 281-285 (450 KB PDF)
Michel R. McNeil

Constitutional Law—a Refreshing Approach to the Right of Privacy—the Ninth Amendment [Griswold v. State of Connecticut, U. S. Supreme Court 1965], p. 286-291 (516 KB PDF)
Jerry K. Levy

Constitutional Law—Freedom of Religion—Definition of Religion [Mohammed v. Sommers, D. C. Michigan 1964], p.292-295 (334 KB PDF)
Larry Meeker

Property—Homestead—Illegal Use—Alienation [State, ex. rel. Apt, Jr. v. Mitchell, Kansas 1965], p. 296-299 (323 KB PDF)
Daniel C. Sullivan

Torts—Landlord's Liability—Removal of Ice and Snow [Pomfret v. Fletcher, Rhode Island 1965], p. 300-303 (326 KB PDF)
Dale J. Paulsen

Book Review

The Courts, the Public and the Law Explosion—Edited by Harry W. Jones, p. 304-306 (204 KB PDF)
Raymond L. Spring

A Treatise on the Law of Contracts, By Samuel Williston, Third Edition by Walter H. E. Jaeger, p. 307-312 (448 KB PDF)
William F. Harvey


Index Volume V, [6 p.] (391 KB PDF)

Miscellaneous Pages

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