Volume 8, No. 3 (Spring 1969) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


The Dean's Report to the Bar, p. 277-283 (476 KB PDF)
John E. Howe

Intestate Succession in Kansas, p. 284-311 (1.8 MB PDF)
Jay Scott Brown

The Admissibility and Probative Value of an Accused's Subsequent Statements of Intent, p. 312-329 (1.4 MB PDF)
Dennis J. Stewart


Evidence: The Admissibility of Computer Print-Outs in Kansas, p. 330-338 (655 KB PDF)
Thomas E. Lowman

The Locality Doctrine and the Standard of Care of a Physician, p. 339-351 (1.0 MB PDF)
Bruce W. Kent

Competency of Jurors Who Have Conscientious Scruples Against Capital Punishment, p. 352-360 (704 KB PDF)
Russell LaVigne

Case Comments

Constitutional Law‒The Mere Evidence Rule [Warden, Maryland Penitentiary v. Hayden, U. S. Supreme Court, 1967], p.361-368 (689 KB PDF)
John M. Jaworsky

Criminal Law‒Habitual Criminal Act‒Court-Martial Not a Prior Conviction [State v. Paxton, Kansas, 1968], p.369-374 (546 KB PDF)
Jess J. Myers

Domestic Relations‒Artificial Insemination of Humans [People v. Sorenson, California, 1968], p. 374-381 (640 KB PDF)
Lynn R. Johnson

Evidence‒Admission of Codefendant's Confession; Prejudicial Error [Bruton v. United States, U. S. Supreme Court, 1968], p. 381-387 (554 KB PDF)
Clarence R. Wietharn

Taxation‒Professional Corporations [Empey v. United States, D. Colo., 1967], p. 387-392 (464 KB PDF)
James G. Butler

Torts‒Contributory Negligence‒Failure to Wear a Seat Belt [Miller v. Miller, North Carolina, 1968], p.392-398 (537 KB PDF)
Norman D. Wilks

Torts‒Parent-child and Intersibling Immunities [Bush v. Bush, New Jersey, 1966], p. 399-404 (438 KB PDF)
Richard C. Dearth

Book Review

Anatomy of a Trial‒Alan E. Morrill, p. 405-406 (91 KB PDF)
Wayne T. Stratton

Miscellaneous Pages

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