Volume 9, No. 1 (Fall 1969) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


City Home Rule in Kansas, p. 1-22 (1.6 MB PDF)
Wright W. Crummett

Bequests for the Erection, Care and Maintenance of Graves, Monuments, and Mausoleums, p. 23-52 (2.4 MB PDF)
James T. Brennan

Has Kansas Laid the Foundation for State Control of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act in Any Class of Consumer Credit Transactions?, p. 53-74 (1.6 MB PDF)
Stanley L. Lind


Spendthrift Trusts‒Validity in Kansas, p. 75-86 (895 KB PDF)
James G. Butler, Jr.

Kansas Court Costs: The Quality of Mercy Is Strained, p. 87-100 (1.0 MB PDF)
Richard F. Hayse

An Inquriy Into the Doctrine of Public Policy and Disallowance of Business Deductions, p. 101-117 (1.3 MB PDF)
Mary A. Senner

The Creation of Federal Diversity Jurisdiction, p. 118-140 (1.8 MB PDF)
Robert A. Vohs


Administrative Law‒Right to Hearing Prior to Denial of License Application, p. 141-145 (386 KB PDF)
Jess J. Myers

Anti-Trust‒Inquisitions‒Right to Counsel, p. 146-152 (601 KB PDF)
Timothy E. McKee

Constitutional Law‒Prisoner's Right to a Speedy Trial in Another Jurisdiction, p. 153-160 (634 KB PDF)
Bruce Miller

Procedure‒Res Judicata‒Requirement of Identity of Parties, p. 161-166 (492 KB PDF)
Ronald Hill

Wills‒Family Settlement Agreements as a Defense to the Probate of a Will, p. 167-172 (503 KB PDF)
Robert L. Heath

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