Volume 9, No. 2 (Winter 1970) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


Dedicatory Address, p. 173-178 (493 KB PDF)
Byron R. White

The Effect of Former Prosecutions: Something Old and Something New Under Kan. Stat. Ann. Sec. 21-3108, p. 179-192 (1.1 MB PDF)
Raymond L. Spring

The Narrowing Scope of Court-Martial Jurisdiction: O'Callahan v. Parker, p. 193-210 (1.4 MB PDF)
Ronald L. Wilkinson

Pretrial Discovery in Criminal Cases - A Case for Discovery in Kansas, p. 211-223 (932 KB PDF)
Michael A. Barbara

A Psychiatrist Views Mental Health Legislation, p. 224-243 (1.5 MB PDF)
Thomas S. Szasz


The Kansas Habitual Criminal Act, p. 244-270 (2.1 MB PDF)
Bruce E. Miller

Jury Instructions for Insanity, p. 271-282 (990 KB PDF)
Clarence R. Wietharn


Antitrust‒Tying Arrangements [Fortner Enterprises, Inc. v. United States Steel Corp., 394 U.S. 495 [1969]], p. 282-286 (422 KB PDF)
Keenest K. Brantley

Criminal Law‒Constitutional Challenge to the Abortion Laws [People v. Belous, 71 Cal. 2d 996 [1969], p. 286-292 (559 KB PDF)
Edward J. Hund, Jr.

Criminal Law‒Incompetency of Defense Counsel [State v. Wright, 203 Kan. 54 [1969]], p. 293-297 (446 KB PDF)
Jess J. Myers

Torts‒Speed as Gross and Wanton Negligence Under the Guest Statute [Mann v. Good, 202 Kan. 61 [1969]], p. 298-302 (436 KB PDF)
Carl W. Gellenthien

Book Review

The Crime of Punishment‒Karl Menninger, M.D., p. 302-308 (509 KB PDF)
David Prager

Miscellaneous Pages

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