Volume 9, No. 3 (Spring 1970) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


The Dean's Report to the Bar, p. 309-314 (429 KB PDF)
John E. Howe

Some Observations on the Law of Misrepresentation in Kansas, p. 315-341 (2.1 MB PDF)
James R. Ahrens

Legal Muscle for the Fight Against Pollution, p. 342-371 (2.4 MB PDF)
Edward G. Collister Jr., Richard F. Hayse & W. R. Sampson

A Guide to Industrial Revenue Bond Financing, p. 372-390 (1.5 MB PDF)
Donald A. Bell & Winton M. Hinkle

Abortion: A Physician's View, p. 391-411 (1.5 MB PDF)
William R. Roy

Unfair Labor Practice Standards for Public Service Employers and Unions: An Unfulfilled Need, p. 412-429 (1.5 MB PDF)
Daniel P. Sullivan


Plea Bargaining—Justice Off the Record, p. 430-443 (1.1 MB PDF)
Robert L. Heath

Pollution Reaches the Clean Air State, p. 443-460 (1.3 MB PDF)
Timothy E. McKee


Civil Procedure—Prejudgment Garnishment and Due Process of Law [Sniadach v. Family Finance Corp., 395 U.S. 337 (1969)], p. 460-464 (387 KB PDF)
Larry R. Mears

Criminal Law—Chronic Alcoholism as a Defense to Public Drunkenness [Fearon v. State, Minn., 166 N.W. 2d 720 (1969)], p. 464-468 (406 KB PDF)
Joseph Graf

Criminal Law, Constitutional Law—Right to Counsel for the Indigent Misdemeanant [Application of Stevenson, Ore., 458 P.2d 414 (1969)], p. 469-473 (514 KB PDF)
Lawrence J. Beilman

Criminal Law—Federal Court Jury Selection [Camp v. United States, 413 F.2d 419 (5th Cir. 1969)], p. 474-478 (427 KB PDF)
John O. Martin

Evidence—Admissibility of Prior Convictions of Similar But Independent Offenses [State v. Jenkins, 203 Kan. 354 (1969)], p. 478-483 (465 KB PDF)
Lawrence E. Schauf

Products Liability—Innocent Bystander's Right to Recover [Elmore v. American Motors Corp., 70 Cal. 2d 578 (1969)], p. 483-487 (400 KB PDF)
Darrell L. Warta

Torts—Fellow Servant Rule [Bennett v. Messick, 77 Wash. 2d 634 (1969)], p. 488-492 (355 KB PDF)
Richard S. Hyter

Torts—Manufacturer's Duty to Warn of Potential Danger [Younger v. Dow Corning Corp., 202 Kan. 674 (1969)], p. 492-497 (494 KB PDF)
Raymond W. Baker


Index Volume 9, [7p.] (441 KB PDF)

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