Volume 11, No. 2 (Winter 1972) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


Liberalizing State Corporation Codes, p. 175-187 (1.1 MB PDF)
William E. Treadway

Overruling Bartkus and Abbate: A New Standard for Double Jeopardy, p. 188-212 (2.1 MB PDF)
Jonathan Brant

The Judicial Role of the Contracting Officer in U. S. Government Contracting, p. 213-226 (1.1 MB PDF)
William J. Spriggs


New Community Development, p. 227-250 (2.2 MB PDF)
John H. Gibson & Douglas G. Simms

Administrative Action in the Processing of Ground Water Appropriation Permits: Where Is Kansas?, p. 251-266 (1.6 MB PDF)
Mike Foust

The Constitutionality of the Kansas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act After Bell, p. 267-275 (793 KB PDF)
John Terry Moore

Case Comments

Torts: After Bell v. Burson, Is No-Fault Insurance the Answer for Kansas? [Bell v. Burson, 402 U.S. 535 [1971]], p. 276-285 (800 KB PDF)
Tom Haney

Torts: Recovery for Wrongful Life [Troppi v. Scarf, 31 Mich. App. 240, 187 N.W.2d 511 [1971]], p. 286-290 (475 KB PDF)
Steven G. Cooper

Constitutional Law: The Nontenured Teacher and Due Process Under the Fourteenth Amendment [Endicott v. Van Petten, 330 F. Supp. 878 [D.C. Kan. 1971]], p. 291-295 (440 KB PDF)
Jonathan P. Small

Constitutional Law: Replevin Procedure—A Fourth Amendment Violation [Laprease v. Raymours Furniture Co., 315 F. Supp. 716 [N.D. N.Y. 1970]], p. 296-300 (505 KB PDF)
James W. Parrish

Criminal Law: The Habitual Criminal Act and Sentence Increase Upon a Second Trial for the Same Offense [Young v. State, 207 Kan. 166, 483 P.2d 1020 [1971]], p. 301-304 (345 KB PDF)
John E. Caton

Conflict of Laws: Child Custody and Foreign Judgments [Perrenoud v. Perrenoud, 206 Kan. 559, 480 P.2d 749 [1971]], p. 305-309 (456 KB PDF)
J. Stephen Nyswonger

Torts: Govemmental Immunity—Common Law Doctrine Prevails in Kansas [Daniels v. Kansas Highway Patrol, 206 Kan. 710, 482 P.2d 46 [1971]], p. 310-314 (414 KB PDF)
John W. Johnson

Constitutional Law: The Right to Confrontation [Nelson v. O'Neil, 402 U.S. 622 [1971]], p. 315-318 (427 KB PDF)
Douglas A. Hinchcliff

Torts: Keys Left in Automobile Ignition; Owner's Liability for Injuries Caused by Thief [George v. Breising, 206 Kan. 21, 477 P.2d 983 [1970]], p. 319-322 (330 KB PDF)
Harry G. Miller

Conflicts: Transaction of Any Business Under the Long Arm Statute [Doyn Aircraft, Inc. v. Wylie, 443 F. 2d 579 [10th Cir. 1971]], p. 323-326 (368 KB PDF)
Eldon L. Boisseau

Civil Procedure: Discovery of Insurance Policy Limits [Cropp v. Woleslagel, 207 Kan. 627, 485 P. 2d 1271 [1971]], p. 327-330 (369 KB PDF)
Randy L. Baird

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