Volume 25, No. 2 (Winter 1986) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


Keeping the Family Out of Court: Court-Ordered Mediation of Custody Disputes Under the Kansas Statutes, p. 203-241 (3.6 MB PDF)
Nancy G. Maxwell

Parental Kidnapping: A Proposed Act for Expanding Tort Remedies, p. 242-263 (1.8 MB PDF)
Sheila Reynolds


Bankruptcy Law and the Farmer: Are Farmers Really Exempt from Forced Liquidation Under Chapter 11?, p. 264-275 (1.2 MB PDF)
Charles W. Hess & William R. Wood II

Family Law: Professional Degrees in 1986—Family Sacrifice Equals Family Asset, p. 276-303 (2.8 MB PDF)
David R. Mitchell

Practical and Constitutional Challenges to the 1985 Kansas Medical Malpractice Legislation, p. 304-326 (2.2 MB PDF)
Edward J. Guiducci & Keith L. Mark

Railroad Right of Way: The Real Property Interest in Kansas, p. 327-346 (1.9 MB PDF)
Tim Pittman


Administrative Law: The Creation of a Presumption of Unreviewability in Cases of Administrative Inaction [Heckler v. Chaney, 105 S. Ct. 1649 (1985)], p. 347-356 (1.1 MB PDF)
Warren F. Frost

Antitrust: Sherman's March through Municipalities Is Halted at Eau Claire, Wisconsin [Town of Hallie v. City of Eau Claire, 105 S. Ct. 1713 (1985)], p. 357-365 (995 KB PDF)
Anthony J. Romano

Constitutional Law: A Valid Secular Purpose Is Required for "Moment of Silent Prayer" Statutes [Wallace v. Jaffree, 105 S. Ct. 2479 (1985)], p. 366-374 (930 KB PDF)
Paul C. Herr

Constitutional Law: The End of the Limited Public Forum? [Cornelius v. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., 105 S. Ct. 3439 (1985)], p. 375-384 (1.0 MB PDF)
Nathaniel (Than) Landman

Copyright: The Public Figure Expansion of the Fair Use Doctrine Rejected [Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. v. Nation Enterprises, 105 S. Ct. 2218 (1985)], p. 385-395 (1.2 MB PDF)
Timothy B. Phelps

Criminal Law: Warrantless Search of Motor Home Without Exigency—The Wheels of the Automobile Exception Roll On [California v. Carney, 105 S. Ct. 2066 (1985)], p. 396-405 (1.1 MB PDF)
Jacqueline Irene Gibson

Oil and Gas: Forfeiture as a Remedy for Flagrant Breach of Express Surface Use Restrictions—Are the Gates Open? [Thurner v. Kaufman, 237 Kan. 184, 699 P.2d 435 (1985)], p. 406-415 (1.1 MB PDF)
Randy Scheer

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