Volume 30, No. 1 (Fall 1990) Table of Contents


The 1990 Foulston & Siefkin Lecture: The Emerging Role of State Attorneys General and the New Federalism, p. 1-14 (1.2 MB PDF)
William L. Webster

Abortion Rights of Young Women: The Supreme Court Attacks the Most Vulnerable, p. 15-28 (1.4 MB PDF)
Simon Heller

Forensic Psychiatry: Less Typical Applications, p. 29-40 (1.2 MB PDF)
Roy B. Lacoursiere, M. D.

Book Reviews

Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes. By Laurence H. Tribe, p. 41-67 (2.5 MB PDF)
Mary C. Dunlap

Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes. By Laurence H. Tribe, p. 68-81 (1.3 MB PDF)
Pat Goodson


Spurring Economic Development in Kansas Through Property Tax Exemptions — Are We Getting the Results We Want?, p. 82-111 (3.1 MB PDF)
Laura Ellen Johnson


Family Law: A New Requirement for Paternity Determinations in Kansas — Determining if Blood Tests are in the Best Interest of the Child [In re Marriage of Ross, 245 Kan. 591, 783 P.2d 331 (1989)], p. 112-126 (1.6 MB PDF)
Kristin Blomquist-Shinn

Bankruptcy: Debtor's Tools of the Trade are Defined by the "Use" Test [Heape v. Citadel Bank of Independence (In re Heape), 886 F.2d 280 (10th Cir. 1989)], p. 127-147 (2.3 MB PDF)
Craig Kendall

Zoning and Planning: The Economics of State Land Use and the Balancing of Interests Test [Herrmann v. Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, 246 Kan. 152, 785 P.2d 1003 (1990)], p. 148-162 (1.5 MB PDF)
J. Scott MacBeth

Oil and Gas Law: Using Tort Law to Police Oil and Gas Operations [Marshall v. El Paso Natural Gas Company, 874 F.2d 1373 (10th Cir. 1989)], p. 163-173 (1.1 MB PDF)
Heather L. Osterhaus

Criminal Law: The Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination: The Relationship Between State Regulatory Enforcement Authority and Compelled Testimonial Production [Baltimore City Department of Social Services v. Bouknight, 110 S. Ct. 900 (1990)], p. 174-189 (1.7 MB PDF)
Channel P. Townsley

Miscellaneous Pages

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