Volume 33, No. 1 (Fall 1993) Table of Contents

From the Editor

Dedication: The Honorable Byron R. White

Justice Byron R. White: A Brief Sketch , p. 1-4 (1.8 MB PDF)
Judge David M. Ebel

A Tribute to Justice Byron R. White, p. 5-6 (168 KB PDF)
Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist

A Tribute to Justice Byron R. White, p. 7 (44 KB PDF)
Justice Harry A. Blackmun

Tribute to Justice Byron R. White , p. 8-9 (146 KB PDF)
Justice David H. Souter

Tribute, p. 10 (48 KB PDF)
George Bush

Tribute, p. 11 (47 KB PDF)
Gerald Ford

The Hands of Justice: A Law Clerk Fondly Remembers Byron R. White, p. 12-21 (763 KB PDF)
Pierce O'Donnell

Feature Essays: The Tenth Circuit

The Decisional Process Within the Tenth Circuit - A Panoramic View of Its Internal Operations and Recent Innovations, p. 22-42 (1.0 MB PDF)
Monroe G. McKay, John K. Kleinheksel

Tenth Circuit Procedure and Expectations, p. 43-55 (1.1 MB PDF)
Deanell Reece Tacha

The Foulston & Siefkin Lecture

"Imagine Her Satisfaction": The Transformative Task of Feminist Tort Work, p. 56-75 (1.9 MB PDF)
Jane E. Larson


Structuring Routine Oil and Gas Transactions to Minimize Environmental Liability, p. 76-185 (9.7 MB PDF)
David E. Pierce


Countering Workplace Fear and Misapprehension Through Legal Protection: Options for the HIV-Positive Public Employee, p. 186-210 (2.3 MB PDF)
Gary L. Fanning, Jr.


Criminal Law: Revocation of Supervised Release for Possession of a Controlled Substance Does Not Allow a District Court to Impose Further Supervised Release Under 18 U.S.C. § 3583 [United States v. Rockwell, 984 F.2d 1112 (10th Cir. 1993)], p. 211-223 (1.4 MB PDF)
Teresa J. Bowles

Contract Law: Denying Recovery Under a Theory of Quantum Meruit: Cracking Down on an Unlicensed Engineering Firm [Ellers, Oakley, Chester & Rike, Inc. v. St. Louis Air Cargo Services, Inc., 984 F.2d 1108 (10th Cir. 1993)], p. 224-233 (1.0 MB PDF)
Kristen D. Mickey

Aviation Law: Preemption of State Law Tort Claims by the Federal Aviation Act - Do State Law Tort Claims Survive the Attack? [Cleveland v. Piper Aircraft Corp., 985 F.2d 1438 (10th Cir. 1993)], p. 234-246 (1.3 MB PDF)
Shari L. Pitko

Family Law: Children Having Children - A Father's Age Is Irrelevant for Purposes of Determining Parental Responsibility [State ex rei. Hermesmann v. Seyer, 847 P.2d 1273 (Kan. 1993)], p. 247-262 (1.6 MB PDF)
Rebecca Proctor Wempe

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