Volume 36, No. 2 (Winter 1997) Table of Contents


Toward Equal Protection: A Review of Affirmative Action, p. 179-195 (1.5 MB PDF)
Robert D. Alt

A Re-Examination of the Firearms Regulation Debate and Its Consequences, p. 196-247 (4.3 MB PDF)
Harold S. Herd


Affirmative Action at the Crossroads, p. 248-258 (882 KB PDF)
Richard H. Seaton


The Wrongful Death of a Fetus: Erasing the Barrier Between Viability and Nonviability, p. 259-289 (3.1 MB PDF)
Sarah Jo Loquist


Family Law: Under the Kansas Protection from Abuse Act, Petitioner for Protective Order Alleging Injury from Wanton Conduct Must Prove Substantial Pain or Impairment [Paida v. Leach, 917 P.2d 1342 (Kan. 1996)], p. 290-302 (1.2 MB PDF)
Brenda J. Clary

Constitutional Law: The Lack of Constitutional Protection Against Verbal Sexual Harassment in the Schools [Abeyta Ex Rel. Martinez v. Chama Valley Independent school District, 77 F.3d 1253 (10th Cir. 1996)], p. 303-318 (1.7 MB PDF)
Susan Claire Hascall

Product Liability: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Medical Device Preemption Defense Skips a Beat as Plaintiffs Are No Longer Completely Precluded from Bringing State Product Liability Claims Against Medical Device Manufacturers [Medtronic, Inc. v. Lohr, 116 S. Ct. 2240 (1996)], p. 319-338 (2.0 MB PDF)
Scott E. Sanders

Tort Law: Wrongful Death - Statute of Limitations Begins to Run at Time of Death, Unless Death or Negligence Concealed or Misrepresented [Davidson v. Denning, 914 P.2d 936 (Kan. 1996)], [p. 339-351] (1.2 MB PDF)
Peter J. Vanderwarker

Contract Law: Restraint of Trade Agreements Between Physicians: Are They Enforceable in Kansas? [Weber v. Tillman, 913 P.2d 84 (Kan. 1996)], p. 352-365 (1.4 MB PDF)
Michelle M. Watson

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