Volume 39, No. 1 (Fall 1999) Table of Contents


The Most Creative Moments in the History of Environmental Law: The Who's (132 KB PDF)
William H. Rodgers, Jr.

When the Tail Wags the Dog: Environmental Considerations and Strategies in Business Acquisitions, Sales and Merger Transactions (134 KB PDF)
Charles P. Efflandt


The Effect of Kansas Tort Reform on Tomorrow's Asbestos Litigants: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (40 KB PDF)
Kevin Mark Smith

Citizenship: A Discussion of Environmental Citizen Suits (42 KB PDF)
Charles C. Steincamp


Why the United States Should Be Wary of the International Criminal Court: Concerns Over Sovereignty and Constitutional Guarantees (129 KB PDF)
Kristafer Ailslieger

Juvenile Informants — A Necessary Evil? (124 KB PDF)
Darci G. Osther


Kansas Oil and Gas Law: Defining the Duty Between Participants in a Joint Operating Agreement [Amoco Production Company v. Wilson, 976 P.2d 941 (Kan. 1999)] (64 KB PDF)
Richard James

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: "Related Services" Versus "Medical Services?" [Cedar Rapids Community School District v. Garret F., 119 S. Ct. 992 (1999)] (76 KB PDF)
Matthew J. Schaefer

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