Volume 41, No. 3 (Spring 2002) Table of Contents

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Professor of the Year


The Relation Between Civil Liability and Environmental Regulation: An Analytical Overview (73 KB PDF)
Kenneth S. Abraham

Transnational Corporations and Environmental Damage: Is Tort Law the Answer? (129 KB PDF)
Michael Anderson

Using Tort Law to Enforce Environmental Regulations? (168 KB PDF)
Peter Cane

Muddying the Waters: Tort Law and the Environment from an English Perspective (154 KB PDF)
David Howarth

When Should We Prefer Tort Law to Environmental Regulation? (71 KB PDF)
Keith N. Hylton

Toxic Tort Litigation in a Regulatory World (74 KB PDF)
Allan Kanner, Esq.

Beyond Buckman: Wrongful Manipulation of the Regulatory Process in the Law of Torts (148 KB PDF)
Thomas O. McGarity
Read fulltext of Buckman opinion.

Lost in the Translation: What Environmental Regulation Does That Tort Cannot Duplicate (107 KB PDF)
Christopher H. Schroeder

Environmental Regulation, Tort Law and Environmental Justice: What Could Have Been (87 KB PDF)
Tseming Yang


The SEC's Criminal Rulemaking in Rule 10b5-2: Incarceration Should be Made of Sterner Stuff (163 KB PDF)
Bach T. Hang


Promises to Keep: The Continued Denial of Constitutional Rights to Sexually Violent Predators [Seling v. Young, 531 U.S. 250 (2001)] (74 KB PDF)
Amy Jurgensmeier

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