Volume 42, No. 2 (Winter 2003) Table of Contents

Editor's Note


A Plea Against Tort Liability for Child Protection Agencies in England and Wales (110 KB PDF)
Caroline Keenan


The Fundamental Right to Be Free of Arbitrary Categorization: The Brain Sciences and the Issue of Sex Classification (75 KB PDF)
William Kitchin
Read fulltext of Gardiner opinion.

Sex, Marriage, Medicine, and Law: "What Hope of Harmony?" (69 KB PDF)
Thomas Wm. Mayo
Read fulltext of Gardiner opinion.


Kansas Blue Sky Is Not on the Market: The Deconstruction of Public Choice Theory Through the Lens of the Kansas Blue Sky Law (118 KB PDF)
Amanda J. Kiefer


Mandating Dignity: The United States Supreme Court's Extreme Departure From Precedent Regarding the Eighth Amendment and the Death Penalty [Atkins v. Virginia, 122 S. Ct. 2242 (2002)] (120 KB PDF)
Lori M. Church

Out of Bounds: The United States Supreme Court Allows Suspicionless Drug Testing of Students Engaging in Extracurricular Activities [Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 v. Earls, 122 S. Ct. 2559 (2002)] (89 KB PDF)
Sara N. Huerter

Out of Control: An Ambiguous Decision Raises the Question of Exactly Who Has Control [Kansas v. Crane, 534 U.S. 407 (2002)] (120 KB PDF)
Sarah E. Miller

Preserving Federalism or Perverting Constitutional Principles: A Conservative Critique of the Conservative Majority [Federal Maritime Commission v. South Carolina State Ports Authority, 122 S. Ct. 1864 (2002)] (111 KB PDF)
Donald H. Snook

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