Volume 42, No. 3 (Spring 2003) Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Washburn Law Journal Dedicates This Issue to Professor James Wendell Bayles

Professor of the Year

Ahrens Torts Seminar

An Interest in Human Dignity as the Basis for Genomic Torts (295 KB PDF)
Roger Brownsword

Misuse of Genetic Information: The Common Law and Professionals' Liability (173 KB PDF)
David F. Partlett

EEOC v. BNSF: The Risks and Rewards of Genetic Exceptionalism (61 KB PDF)
Stephen Fink

Curbing Misuse of Genetic Information in Light of the Enron Debacle: A Comment on Dean Partlett's Proposal (65 KB PDF)
Dennis R. Honabach

Twenty-first Century Toxicogenomics Meets 20th Century Mass Tort Precedent: Is There a Duty to Warn of a Hypothetical Harm to an "Eggshell" Gene? (126 KB PDF)
Thomas Parker Redick

Pushing Drugs: Genomics and Genetics, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Law of Negligence (122 KB PDF)
Heidi Li Feldman

Causes for Concern and Causes of Action: A Comment on "Pushing Drugs" (71 KB PDF)
Roger Brownsword

Genomic Torts: A Response to Professor Feldman (48 KB PDF)
William J. Rich

Assessing Legal Liability in Pharmacogenetic Cases (46 KB PDF)
Victoria M. Kumorowski


Probable Cause, Reasonable Suspicion, or Mere Speculation?: Holding Police to a Higher Standard in Destruction of Evidence Exigency Cases (119 KB PDF)
Geoffrey C. Sonntag

Profiling, Pretext, and Equal Protection: Protecting Citizens from Pretextual Stops Through the Fourteenth Amendment (128 KB PDF)
Lawrence W. Williamson, Jr.


Durational and Dispositional Departures Under the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines Act: The Kansas Supreme Court's Uneasy Passage Through Apprendi-land [State v. Carr, 53 P.3d 843 (Kan. 2002)] (172 KB PDF)
Steven J. Crossland

Treating the Sex Offender at Any Cost: Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Compelled Self-Incrimination in the Prison Context [McKune v. Lile, 122 S. Ct. 2017 (2002)] (138 KB PDF)
Abigail E. Robinson

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