Volume 42, No. 4 (Summer 2004) (Centennial Issue) Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Commencement Address 2004

Commencement Address 2004 Washburn University School of Law (40 KB PDF)
The Honorable Paul L. Brady


Early American Legal Education (127 KB PDF)
Brian J. Moline

"The ideal place . . . for the establishment of a great Law School": The Early Years of Washburn University School of Law (205 KB PDF)
James M. Concannon

Washburn Law School Celebrates a Century of Welcoming Women (259 KB PDF)
Linda Diane Henry Elrod

The Renaissance of Law in the Law of Oil and Gas: The Contract Dimension (144 KB PDF)
David E. Pierce


Once upon a Time (36 KB PDF)
Linda P. Jeffrey


And Now What?: An Essay Charting a Course for the Second Century of the Washburn University School of Law (54 KB PDF)
Dean Dennis R. Honabach


Macroeconomic Analysis of the Law: The Missing Piece of the Law and Economics Puzzle (144 KB PDF)
Jeremiah C. Humes

Miscellaneous Pages

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