Volume 43, No. 1 (Fall 2003) Table of Contents

Editor's Note

The Foulston Siefkin Lecture

Lawyers in the Perfect Storm (203 KB PDF)
Mark A. Sargent


Lawyers and Fraud: A Better Question (84 KB PDF)
Thomas Ross


Enron, Watergate and the Regulation of the Legal Profession (126 KB PDF)
Arnold Rochvarg

Accounting, Auditing and Audit Committees After Enron, et al.: Governing Outside the Box Without Stepping Off the Edge in the Modern Economy (149 KB PDF)
Perry E. Wallace

2000 Logan Property Law Lecture

Retention of Title in European Business Transactions (94 KB PDF)
J. Michael Milo


A Winning Hand or Time to Fold? State Taxation of Fuel Sales on Kansas Indian Reservations (134 KB PDF)
Luke R. Spellmeier


Cold-Hearted Application of the Heart Amendment Leaves Kansas Workers' Compensation Claimants Gasping [Mudd v. Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center, 62 P.3d 236 (Kan. 2003)] (115 KB PDF)
Shannon L. Bell

"The Murderer Shall Surely Be Put to Death": The Impropriety of Biblical Arguments in the Penalty Phase of Capital Cases [State v. Haselden, 577 S.E.2d 594 (N.C. 2003)] (128 KB PDF)
Andrea D. Walker

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