Volume 44, No. 2 (Winter 2005) Table of Contents

Editor's Note


Lurching Toward the Light: Alternative Means and Multiple Acts Law in Kansas (210 KB PDF)
The Honorable Carol A. Beier

How Juries Get It Wrong--Anatomy of the Detroit Terror Case (139 KB PDF)
Bennett L. Gershman


Waking a Sleeping Giant: Revisiting the Public Use Debate Twenty-Five Years After Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff] (124 KB PDF)
Sara B. Falls

Finding Legal Certainty for E-Commerce: Traditional Personal Jurisdiction Analysis and the Scope of the Zippo Sliding Scale (144 KB PDF)
Lora M. Jennings

The PSLRA Decade of Decadence: Improving Balance in the Private Securities Litigation Arena with a Screening Panel Approach (146 KB PDF)
Brian S. Sommer


References Available upon Request: An Inequitable Rule Applied to Title VII Retaliatory Job Reference Cases [Hillig v. Rumsfeld, 381 F.3d 1028 (10th Cir. 2004)] (159 KB PDF)
Anna E. McDowell

Buyers Beware: Real Estate Sellers Can Misrepresent the Condition of Known Defects [Alires v. McGehee, 85 P.3d 1191 (Kan. 2004)] (99 KB PDF)
Adam T. Pankratz

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