Volume 44, No. 3 (Spring 2005) Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Professor of the Year


Murder, Meth, Mammon, and Moral Values: The Political Landscape of American Sentencing Reform (123 KB PDF)
Frank O. Bowman, III

Mostly Martha (156 KB PDF)
Kathleen F. Brickey

Theft by Coercion: Extortion, Blackmail, and Hard Bargaining (133 KB PDF)
Stuart P. Green

Arthur Andersen, LLP and Martha Stewart: Should Materiality be an Element of Obstruction of Justice? (97 KB PDF)
Ellen S. Podgor


Taking Back The Power: Federal vs. State Regulation on Postsecondary Education Benefits for Illegal Immigrants (120 KB PDF)
Rebecca Ness Rhymer


A Duty to Warn: Representing the Non-Citizen in a Criminal Case [State v. Muriithi, 46 P.3d 1145 (Kan. 2002)] (162 KB PDF)
Melissa L. Castillo

Standard Operating Procedure: Take It All Off [N.G. ex rel. S.C. v. Connecticut, 382 F.3d 225 (2d Cir. 2004)] (127 KB PDF)
Katherine A. James

A Criminal Defendant’s Inability to Sue His Lawyer for Malpractice: The Other Side of the Exoneration Rule [Canaan v. Bartee, 72 P.3d 911 (Kan. 2003)] (149 KB PDF)
Amy L. Leisinger

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