Volume 45, No. 2 (Winter 2006) Table of Contents

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Smith v. Van Gorkom, Jurisdictional Competition, and the Role of Random Mutations in the Evolution of Corporate Law (89 KB PDF)
Henry N. Butler

Twenty Years After Smith v. Van Gorkom: An Essay on the Limits of Civil Liability of Corporate Directors and the Role of Shareholder Inspection Rights (113 KB PDF)
Lawrence A. Hamermesh

Smith v. Van Gorkom: Managerial Liability and Exculpatory Clauses—A Proposal to Fill the Gap of the Missing Officer Protection (179 KB PDF)
Dennis R. Honabach

The Chaos of Smith (134 KB PDF)
Steven A. Ramirez

What Independent Directors Should Expect from Inside Directors: Smith v. Van Gorkom as a Guide to Intra-Firm Governance (94 KB PDF)
Cheryl L. Wade


The Worthier Title Doctrine: Does Draft Restatement III of Property Write a Premature Obituary? (51 KB PDF)
The Honorable Joseph W. Morris


Whose Award Is It Anyway?: Implications of Awarding the Entire Sum of Punitive Damages to the State (103 KB PDF)
Kelly-Rose Garrity

Conflicts of Conscience (112 KB PDF)
Katherine A. James

Homeland Security and Environmental Regulation: Balancing Long-Term Environmental Goals with Immediate Security Needs (133 KB PDF)
Kristen D. Wheeler


Bargaining for Freedom: Kansas Allows Criminal Defendants to Avoid Plea Agreement Sentences but Binds the State to Its Deals [State v. Boley, 113 P.3d 248 (Kan. 2005)] (108 KB PDF)
Ali N. Ketchum

Don't Plan on Aging: The Kansas Supreme Court Reaffirms Its Hostility Toward Medicaid Planning [Brewer v. Schalansky, 102 P.3d 1145 (Kan. 2004)] (166 KB PDF)
Bryn A. Poland

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