Volume 47, No. 2 (Winter 2008) Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Humanizing Legal Education Symposium


Humanizing Legal Education: An Introduction to a Symposium Whose Time Came (88 KB PDF)
Michael Hunter Schwartz

Overview of Humanizing Need

Human Nature As a New Guiding Philosophy for Legal Education and the Profession (347 KB PDF)
Lawrence S. Krieger

Fundamental Principles and Challenges of Humanizing Legal Education (111 KB PDF)
Barbara Glesner Fines

Humanizing Orientation

You Are Not in Kansas Anymore: Orientation Programs Can Help Students Fly over the Rainbow (286 KB PDF)
Paula Lustbader

Humanizing Syllabus

Collaborative Course Design: Not My Course, Not Their Course, but Our Course (135 KB PDF)
Gerald F. Hess

Direct Application with Students

"I'd Just As Soon Flunk You As Look at You?" The Evolution to Humanizing in a Large Classroom (193 KB PDF)
Justine A. Dunlap

Personal Integration and Outsider Status As Factors in Law Student Well-Being (299 KB PDF)
Susan Grover

Lucifer Goes to Law School: Towards Explaining and Minimizing Law Student Peer-to-Peer Harassment and Intimidation (125 KB PDF)
Rebecca Flanagan


The Adam Walsh Act: The Scarlet Letter of the Twenty-First Century (268 KB PDF)
Lara Geer Farley

It Really Is Just a Game: The Impracticability of Common Law Property Rights in Virtual Property (375 KB PDF)
Dan E. Lawrence


Punishment Defanged: How the United States Supreme Court Has Undermined the Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Punitive Damages [Philip Morris USA v. Williams, 127 S. Ct. 1057 (2007)] (220 KB PDF)
Heather R. Klaassen

The American Consumer Is Not Well: Where Is Dr. Miles? [Leegin Creative Leather Prods., Inc. v. PSKS, Inc., 127 S. Ct. 2705 (2007)] (183 KB PDF)
Aaron O. Martin

The Jurisdictional Nature of Statutory Time Restrictions [Bowles v. Russell, 127 S. Ct. 2360 (2007)] (196 KB PDF)
Johnathan A. Rhodes

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