Volume 49, No. 1 (Fall 2009) Table of Contents

Editor's Note

The Foulston Siefkin Lecture

More Than Tilting at Windmills (467 KB PDF)
Donald Zillman, Mary Walta, Iñigo del Guayo Castiella


Animal, Vegetable, Mineral—Wind? The Severed Wind Power Rights Conundrum (259 KB PDF)
K.K. DuVivier

Wind Energy Laws and Incentives : A Survey of Selected State Rules (301 KB PDF)
Brent Stahl, Lisa Chavarria, Jeff Nydegger


Does the Kansas Supreme Court Selection Process Violate the One Person, One Vote Doctrine? (258 KB PDF)
Joshua Ney

Conservation Easements as Charitable Trusts in Kansas: Striking the Appropriate Balance Among the Grantor's Intent, the Public's Interest, and the Need for Flexibility (200 KB PDF)
Matthew J. Richardson


The Invisible Badge: Why Bounty Hunters Should Be Regarded as State Actors Under the Symbiotic Relationship Test (314 KB PDF) [United States v. Poe, 556 F.3d 1113 (10th Cir. 2009)] (58 KB PDF)
Stephen N. Freeland

Miscellaneous Pages

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