Volume 49, No. 3 (Spring 2010) Table of Contents

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Professor Jim Wadley: Teacher, Artist, Polymath, Renaissance Man

Tribal Nation Economics and Legal Infrastructure



Exercising and Protecting Tribal Sovereignty in Day-to-Day Business Operations: What the Key Players Need to Know (395 KB PDF)
S. Chloe Thompson

America's War on Tribal Economies: Federal Attacks on Native Contracting in the SBA 8(A) Business Development Program (184 KB PDF)
Helaman S. Hancock

Keeping the American Indian Rancher on the Land: A Socio-Legal Analysis of the Rise and the Demise of American Indian Ranching on the Northern Great Plains (241 KB PDF)
Raymond Cross

Indigenous (Ecological) Economics Remastered (177 KB PDF)
Valerie J. Phillips

Tribal Nations and Tribalist Economics: The Historical and Contemporary Impacts of Intergenerational Material Poverty and Cultural Wealth Within the United States (279 KB PDF)
Angelique EagleWoman (Wambdi A. WasteWin)


Twitigation: Old Rules in a New World (231 KB PDF)
Andrew C. Payne

Kansas Property Tax Appeals: An Adversarial System Without Adversaries (305 KB PDF)
Gage A. Rohlf


"You Made Me Promises, Promises"— Determining the Existence of Promises of Leniency During Custodial Interrogation and the Proper Standard of Review (219 KB PDF) [ State v. Sharp, 210 P.3d 590 (Kan. 2009)]
Aaron J. Good

The Clean Water Act Suffers a Crushing Blow: The U.S. Supreme Court Clears the Way for the Mining Industry to Pollute U.S. Waters (242 KB PDF) [Coeur Alaska, Inc. v. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, 129 S. Ct. 2458 (2009)]
Chantz Martin

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