Volume 59, No. 3 (Summer 2020) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum

Washburn Law Journal Symposium: The Future of Cyber Speech, Media, And Privacy

News as Surveillance (187 KB PDF)
Erin C. Carroll

Teaching Information Privacy Law (357 KB PDF)
Joseph A. Tomain

Sexual Content and Social Media Moderation (378 KB PDF)
Jonathan Peters

Student Scholarship

Data Breaches Should Not be a Virtual Certainty: Adopting the NIST Standard for Cybernegligence (432 KB PDF)
Gabriella C. Ferraro

What is the Kansas Series LLC and Why Should You Care? (638 KB PDF)
Evan Hathaway

Kicking Em’ While They’re Down: The Alternative Case Against Caps on Non-Economic Damages in Kansas (526 KB PDF)
Dylan P. Wheeler

Miscellaneous Pages

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Graphic: Cover of volume 59, number 3 of Washburn Law Journal.
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