Volume 60, No. 1 (Fall 2020) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum

Articles on the Legal Implications of Covid-19

Federalism: Fault or Feature—An Analysis of Whether the United States Should Implement a Federal Pandemic Statute, p. 1-61 (515 KB PDF)
Stephanie Cooper Blum

"The Most Demanding Test Known to Constitutional Law": Do COVID-19 Bans on Church Services Satisfy Religious Freedom Restoration Act Requirements?, p. 63-76 (160 KB PDF)
Michael Conklin

FDA Publicity and Enforcement in the COVID-19 Era, p. 77-106 (254 KB PDF)
Jordan Paradise and Elise Fester

The Effect of COVID-19 on Law Libraries: Are These Changes Temporary or a Sign of the Future?, p. 107-129 (238 KB PDF)
Thomas Sneed

Student Scholarship

Patently Confusing: Refining a Test for Patentable Subject Matter and Its Implications Toward Biotechnology, p. 131-165 (351 KB PDF)
Tyler R. Laudick

Slipping Through the Cracks: Kansas Protection Order Procedures Are Not Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence, p. 167-196 (277 KB PDF)
Carolyn A. Smith

Miscellaneous Pages

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