Volume 60, No. 2 (Winter 2021) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


Corporate Law, Misdirection, and the Obesity Epidemic, p. 197-244 (385 KB PDF)
Eugene McCarthy

Original-Intent Originalism: A Reformulation and Defense, p. 245-287 (321 KB PDF)
Scott A. Boykin

It’s Time to End the "Serious" Dispute Over Involuntarily Medicating Incompetent Defendants, p. 289-312 (167 KB PDF)
Blake R. Hills

Student Scholarship

Biometrics in Employment Guidance "BEG": Best Practices for Employers Begging to Use Biometrics in the Workplace, p. 313-343 (257 KB PDF)
Emily K. Arida

Reconsidering the Territorial Scope of Offer-to-Sell Infringement Within the Patent Act, p. 345-386 (369 KB PDF)
Tyler J. Schwein

Smart Contracts: A Leap Forward in Technology and a Step Backward in Law, p. 387-421 (314 KB PDF)
Daniel C. Sloan

Miscellaneous Pages

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