Volume 60, No. 3 (Spring 2021) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum

In Memoriam: Gregory Pease, 1941-2020

Washburn Law Journal Symposium: Artificial Rights?

Machine Inventions, p. 423-428 (69 KB PDF)
Kate Gaudry

Machine Rights and Reasonable Robots, Remarks, p. 429-444 (130 KB PDF)
Ryan Abbott

Artificial Intelligence, Rights and the Virtues, p. 445-474 (279 KB PDF)
David W. Opderbeck

Artificial Intelligence and the Struggle Between Good and Evil, p. 475-494 (188 KB PDF)
Kimberly A. Houser

Artificial Intelligence and Risk Assessment Tools: Problems and Solutions, p. 495-510 (155 KB PDF)
Arthur Rizer

The Rise of Synthetic Judges: If We Dehumanize the Judiciary, Whose Hand Will Hold the Gavel?, p. 511-526 (150 KB PDF)
Marie-Claire Aarts

Student Scholarship

Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: Exploring Liability Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Regulatory Solutions, p. 527-559 (289 KB PDF)
Kristen E. Egger

Patentability and Inventorship of AI-Generated Inventions, p. 561-604 (572 KB PDF)
Rachel L. Schwein

Miscellaneous Pages

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