Volume 61, No. 3 (Spring 2022) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


The American Dream: A Historic Perspective, p. 441-471 (236 KB PDF)
Judith Fox

Sharing Your Home With Strangers: Common-Interest Ownership and Financing Options, p. 473-496 (160 KB PDF)
Debra Bechtel, Crystal Liu, Ernira Mehmetaj and David Reiss

Dynasty 529 Plans and Structural Inequality, p. 497-507 (128 KB PDF)
Victoria J. Haneman

American Dreamin’: Law’s Limitations and the Promise of Civity, p. 509-527 (202 KB PDF)
Palma Joy Strand

Student Scholarship

A Proposed Solution to the Kansas Wage Gap: Why Salary History Inquiries Perpetuate Disparate Pay Along Racial and Gender Lines, p. 529-563 (325 KB PDF)
Lizzy McEntire

A Preponderance of Bias: Why Artificial Intelligence Should Be Qualified Immunity’s Fatal Flaw, p. 565-609 (314 KB PDF)
Ande Davis

Home Field Advantage: Establishing Personal Jurisdiction Over Illegal Online Sports Streaming Websites in Copyright Infringement Litigation, p. 611-646 (188 KB PDF)
Brian A. McKenzie

Providing "More of a Distraction": Explainable AI Techniques Violate the Pretext Doctrine in Administrative Law, p. 647-676 (166 KB PDF)
Zachary J. Smith

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