Volume 62, No. 1 (Fall 2022) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum

Dedicated to: Myrl L. Duncan

The Foulston Siefkin Lecture

The United Nations Climate Change Regime Thirty Years on — A Retrospective and Assessment, p. 1-24 (202 KB PDF)
Daniel Bodansky

Articles and Essays on Nature and the Environment

MUSY Takes Flight: Multiple-Use Regulation of Climate Intervention, p. 25-60 (312 KB PDF)
Anthony E. Chavez

Reform the Animal Welfare Act: Recognize Animal Sentience and Protect all Animals who Think, Feel, and Suffer, p. 61-96 (269 KB PDF)
Craig Herbst

Student Scholarship

Digital Refoulement or Preservation of the Right to a Safe and Voluntary Return?: Release of Rohingya Data to Myanmar with Dubious Consent, p. 97-142 (369 KB PDF)
Gabrielle K. Frawley

Between Purgatory and Hell: The Myth of a Gap in the Law Contributing to the Loss of Life and Suffering at Sea, p. 143-188 (378 KB PDF)
Hollie Mahota Murphey

Miscellaneous Pages

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Graphic: Cover of volume 62, number 1 of Washburn Law Journal.
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