Volume 63, No. 3 (Spring 2024) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


Behind the Cloaking Device: Is There an Anti-Competitive Agreement Lurking Under the Use of Common Pricing Algorithms By Multifamily Landlords?, p. 287-324 (432 KB PDF)
Kevin T. White and Tammy W. Cowart

Assessing the Performance of Place-Based Economic Development Incentives: What’s the Word on the Street?, p. 325-368 (541 KB PDF)
Matthew J. Rossman

130 Years of Substantive Due Process (1810-1937): The Premature Demise of Natural Law Jurisprudence and the Liberty of Contract—How the Lochner Era Could Have Survived the New Deal, p. 369-413 (501 KB PDF)
Stone Allen Washington

Student Scholarship

A Free Pass to Sexually Harass: The Need for a More Victim-Focused Approach to FHA Sexual Harassment Claims, p. 415-447 (394 KB PDF)
Megan E. Green

When Wall Street Becomes America’s Landlord: How Wall Street Single-Family Rental Investment Firms are Infiltrating American Neighborhoods and Disrupting the Housing Market, p. 449-480 (417 KB PDF)
Sarah K. Lynch-Chaput

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Graphic: Cover of volume 63, number 3 of Washburn Law Journal.
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