ExamSoft and Computer Exams - Fall 2019

Important Notices

  • You may take your midterm and final examinations using your laptop with Examplify for Windows or Mac, as indicated below.
  • All students who plan on using their laptop for exams will need to download and register the newest version of Examplify. Contact Kerri Pelton at kerri.pelton@washburn.edu with questions.
  • Important: As of 10/30/2019 Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) IS supported by ExamSoft.


There is NO fee for using ExamSoft.


Courses in which professors have indicated that they will allow use of Examplify for midterms and finals this semester include:

  • Administrative Law (Rubenstein)
  • Business Associations Midterm and Final (Westbrook)
  • Civil Procedure II (Bahadur)
  • Commercial Law (Sourgens)
  • Constitutional Law II Midterm and Final (Jackson)
  • Copyright Law (Judd)
  • Criminal Law A Midterm and Final (Francis)
  • Criminal Law B Midterm and Final (Francis)
  • Criminal Procedure (Ramirez)
  • Domestic Violence (Hartz)
  • Employee Benefits Law (Mastrosimone)
  • Employment Law (Alaka)
  • Environmental Law (Duncan)
  • Evidence (Ramirez)
  • Family Law (Elrod)
  • Federal Courts (Glashausser)
  • Intellectual Property (Judd)
  • Law in Context (M. Griggs)
  • Multistate Legal Analysis (M. Griggs)
  • Oil & Gas (B. Griggs)
  • Property A Midterm and Final (Duncan)
  • Property B (B. Griggs)
  • Public International Law (Martin)
  • Torts A (Bahadur)
  • Torts B Midterm and Final (Glashausser)

Restrictions: If you do not have an appropriate laptop computer, you will need to either borrow one or obtain a short term rental. Unfortunately, the Law School will not be able to provide computers to those who do not have one.

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No technical assistance will be provided once the exam has begun. In the event of any malfunction, students should complete the remainder of the examination in handwriting using standard bluebooks.