Summer 2022 Course Reference Numbers and Textbooks

Course Reference and Textbooks

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The Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA) facilitates a Book Exchange through Facebook (see WSBA Member Book Exchange). Many second year law students have books that are being re-used again this year and are willing to sell them at a price lower than the WU bookstore, Amazon, or other sources.

Ref. No.
Professor Hours Textbooks Compare
LW 703 29017 Business Associations McMillan 4 This Course
LW 825 29027 Client Counseling (Competition) Sourgens 1-2 This Course
LW 903D 29026 Criminal Appeal Advocacy: Advanced Topics Hodgkinson 1-2 This Course
LW 750 29023 Criminal Procedure Hodgkinson 3 This Course
LW 906 29054 Cross Examination Techniques Ossmann 1 This Course
LW 763 29029 Directed Research Optional 1-3 This Course
LW 884 29044 Directed Research: Advanced Topics in Workplace Law Mastrosimone 1-2 This Course
LW 937 (ON) 29057 Evolution of a Business Transaction Westbrook 1 This Course
LW 921 29025 Externship I Leisinger 2 This Course
LW 922 29030 Externship II Leisinger 2 This Course
LW 881 29043 Externship: Workplace Law Mastrosimone 2 This Course
LW 826 29031 Independent Readings in Natural Resources Law Duncan 1-2 This Course
LW 969 29032 Independent Study in Oil and Gas Law Sourgens/Griggs 1-2 This Course
LW 978 29039 Jessup International Moot Court Competition Martin 1-4 This Course
LW 976 29038 Judicial Externship Grant 2-4 This Course
LW 820 29048 Local Government Law Heim/Moler 2 This Course
LW 762 29035 Moot Court Jackson, J.D. 1-2 This Course
LW 777 29036 Negotiation Competition Ewert 1-2 This Course
LW 770 29005 Professional Responsibility Leisinger 3 This Course
LW 858 29041 Rural Practice Externship Leisinger 6 This Course
LW 907 29055 Taking and Defending Depositions Ossmann 1 This Course
LW 766 29007 Trial Advocacy (and Intensive Trial Advocacy Program) Jackson, J.D. 2 This Course
LW 805 29037 Trial Advocacy Competition Jackson, J.D. 1-2 This Course