Photograph: Law Clinic sign outside of the clinic building.

Washburn Law Clinic Awards

Washburn Law Clinic recognizes clinic students each year by presenting several awards to students who distinguish themselves during their clinic experience.

  • The Irvine E. Ungerman Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice is awarded twice yearly to legal interns who have distinguished himself or herself by providing highly competent representation to clients in a manner exemplifying the ideals of our profession: "pursuit of the learned art in the spirit of a public service."
  • The Outstanding Advanced Intern Award is given to the top Advanced Intern who the Law Clinic faculty considers to have distinguished himself/herself by combining competent, vigorous representation with the compassion necessary to become a truly effective lawyer
  • The Public Interest Scholarship is awarded to a Clinic student whose employment upon graduation will be primarily serving underrepresented or underserved individuals, communities, and/or nonprofit groups.
  • The Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) Outstanding Student Award honors a law student who has excelled in a clinical course.
  • The Raymond Spring Award was given from 2002-2019 to the Law Clinic intern who has demonstrated the highest commitment to providing legal services to clients in need.