Photograph: Wings of Freedom eagle statue at Washburn Law.

Guidelines to Submit Photo for Graduate Composite

Students attending Washburn Law remotely who are not able to come to Topeka for graduation composite photo sittings may submit a photo for the graduate composite. The deadline to submit a photo is February 29, 2024.

After you submit your photograph and release form, Wichers Photography will invoice you $30 + tax by sending a link so you can pay by credit card.
You will receive an 11" x 14" copy of the composite at graduation.

If a suitable photograph, release form, and payment are not submitted by the deadline, the student's name will be posted with the composite in lieu of a photograph.

Please follow these steps when submitting your photograph.

  1. Purchase Washburn Law regalia through the Washburn University Bookstore: (select the "Regalia - Law/DNP set for $119.00 + shipping charges).
  2. Sit for a professional portrait in the town where you are located. Note that there may be a sitting fee. Follow these guidelines:
    1. You must be wearing the Washburn University School of Law robe and hood (purchased from the bookstore).
    2. The photograph must have a neutral grey background, similar to these samples.
      Graphic: sample cropped photos for graduation composite.
    3. Lighting should be coming from camera left and not be too "contrasty."
    4. The photograph should be cropped very similar to the samples. Your face should not be too close, and there should not be too much of your body showing.
      • The file submitted should be in .jpg format.
      • The image should be at least 1500 pixels tall.
      • The filename should be FirstnameLastname.jpg (e.g., JohnDoe.jpg).
    5. The photographer or studio must provide a release that allows your photograph to be used as part of the graduate composite or for any purpose. If the photographer/studio does not have a standard release form, download and have them complete this form (13 KB Word).
      • Scan the release or take a picture of it.
      • The filename should be FirstnameLastname-release.jpg (e.g., JohnDoe-release.jpg).
  3. Using the form below, upload the photograph file and the release file.
    • After the files are uploaded, you will receive a confirmation message at your Washburn email address.

If form does not display properly please click here.

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If I am having my graduation photo taken locally at Wichers, do I need to wait for my cap and gown order to come in from the Washburn bookstore before I book a sitting?

  • NO: Wichers has the correct Washburn Law regalia available; go ahead and book a sitting now.

If I am attending remotely and need to have a photo taken elsewhere, should I go ahead and order my regalia through the bookstore even if the new shipment hasn’t been received?

  • YES. Go online and order your regalia now and they will ship it to you as soon as it comes in. You can order at The Icabod Shop.

Other questions, contact: Kerrie Bacon at

If you would like you have your graduation photograph taken in Topeka you can schedule your appointment with Wichers Photography online at