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Transactional Law Meets Competition

Introduction to the Competition

In Transactional Law Meet Competitions, team members draft an original agreement, mark up an opposing team's agreement, submit questions to their clients, and then participate in live negotiation sessions. Preparation for the competition begins in the fall, with the problem/transaction usually released in January. Team members compete against other law schools in drafting and markup rounds for approximately two months, and then live negotiation rounds take place at the hosting school in late winter or early spring. There are a number of national transactional drafting competitions, and the team will pick one in which to compete each year.

What are the benefits of participating in the Competition?

Transactional lawyers help people do everything from buying homes to inventing new products to starting and growing businesses. Transactional lawyers make deals – bringing two parties to agreement while ensuring that their clients' interests are protected.

Although career opportunities for transactional lawyers are often better and more numerous than those for litigators, it can be difficult to gain substantial experience, much less distinguish yourself, in transactional work while in law school. This competition will offer you the opportunity to exhibit your drafting, negotiating, and counseling skills while representing either the buyer or seller in a complex acquisition. Few new lawyers have this kind of experience. You will also meet current and future transactional lawyers from across the country, all the while earning class credit for your participation.

How does one become a member?

Each fall there will be an information session about the competition and how to apply for a spot on the team. Selection is generally finalized by early October. Information on the specific date and application process is sent out by email to all students in early fall. 

How much time will participation require?

Washburn Law will field one team of approximately six students each year. All of the team members will work on the drafting rounds and will help prepare for the negotiation rounds. Three of the team members will travel to the host school participate in the negotiation rounds. Students' time commitments will vary, but will be approximately the same as the hours expended in a 1-credit class.

For more information on the Transactional Law Meets Competition Team at Washburn Law contact us at:

Washburn University School of Law
Professor Amy Westbrook
1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka, KS 66621
(785) 670-1541

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Amy Deen Westbrook
Kurt M. Sager Memorial Distinguished Professor of International and Commercial Law

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How to Become a Team Member
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