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Field Placement Supervisors

The field placement supervisor is the key to a meaningful externship experience. The field placement supervisor is the on-site professor responsible for the student's educational experience.

In consultation with Director Leisinger, field placement supervisors will design and execute an externship experience that will fully expose the student to the workings of the court, agency, business, or organization that is the object of the externship.

Following each externship, field placement supervisors will provide Director Leisinger with their views on the externship experience when they complete their portion of the Externship Completion Certificate (31 KB PDF; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Director Leisinger is available for consultation during all points of the externship experience.

Director Leisinger will evaluate the academic achievement of externship students and, when appropriate, meet with field placement supervisors to ensure the academic quality of the externship experience. Unless impractical, she will also conduct at least one on-site visit to meet with the field placement supervisor and observe externship activities. Emphasis will be placed on visits to new externship placements.

Revised: August 16, 2010.