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Student Organizations

2023-2024 Academic Year Officers

Note: Organizations identified with an asterisk ( * ) are inactive.

The information on this page is updated as information about new officers becomes available (many organizations elect officers in March and April for the following academic year).

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Agricultural Law Society
(updated 4/21/2023)

This organization seeks to create opportunities to educate the next generation of leaders about the necessities of an agriculture friendly society. It encourages healthy conversation about current agricultural law issues to promote the understanding of agriculture practices and laws.

  • President: Kinzie Borgerding
  • Vice-President: Paige Harding
  • Treasurer: Kinsey Griffith
  • Secretary: Brittni Winter
  • BBQ Co-Chair: Clarissa Ratzlaff
  • BBQ Co-Chair: Stacey Gleason
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Burke Griggs

American Constitution Society (ACS)
(updated 4/23/2024)

The Society works to uphold the Constitution in the 21st Century by ensuring that law is a force for protecting democracy and the public interest and for improving people’s lives. ACS realizes the promise of the U.S. Constitution by building and leading a diverse legal community that dedicates itself to advancing and defending democracy, justice, equality, and liberty; securing a government that serves the public interest; and guarding against the abuse of law and the concentration of powers.

  • President: Tracy Matthews
  • Vice President: Amos Cooley
  • Treasurer: Grace Mlynek
  • Secretary: Behdodd Domeneh
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Thomas Sneed

Asian American Law Students Association (AALSA)
(updated 3/13/2023)

AALSA enhances the legal education, community participation, employment opportunities, and academic achievement of Asian law students and other minorities by hosting speakers, coordinating community projects, promoting social activities, and providing study aids to members and other interested parties.

  • President: Andrew Doan
  • Treasurer: Sean Awh
  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)
(updated 3/11/2023)

  • President: Miaeda Hutchinson
  • Vice President: Jonnette Oakes
  • Treasurer: Oliver Gilmore
  • Secretary: Jazmin Green
  • Social Media Coordinator: Marvin Dale Jr
  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Children and Family Law Society
(updated 4/17/2024)

  • Co-directors: Austin Edwards and Maria German
  • Social Media Chair: [open]
  • Community Service Chair: Zoe Holcomb
  • Children and Family Law Center Director: Professor Linda Elrod
  • Children and Family Law Center Associate Director: Professor Gillian Chadwick

Christian Legal Society (CLS)
(updated 4/18/2024)

  • President: Natalie Fatka
  • Vice-President: Jake Carrow
  • Secretary: Joshua Lambert
  • Treasurer: Marin Schwarz
  • Faculty Advisor: Associate Dean Emily Grant

Climate Action Group
(updated 9/25/2023)

  • President: Molly Morgan
  • Vice President: Roarke Croze
  • Treasurer: Dusty Gleason
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Craig Martin

Criminal Law Society (CLS)
(updated 3/1/2023)

This organization seeks to educate individuals interested in the criminal law sector through scholarly discussions with legal experts, public and private defendants, and prosecutors. We discuss various topics within the dynamic field of criminal law.

  • President: Noah Morgan
  • Vice President: Alex Solomon
  • Secretary: Natalie Schulte
  • Treasurer: Ted Summers
  • Public Outreach & Media Officer: Emma Morrissey
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor John Francis

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Association (DEI)
(updated 4/20/2024)
Send feedback/comments to DEI.

  • President: Marvin Dale Jr.
  • Vice President: Sarah Vargas
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jazmin Green
  • Community Chair: Angela Broderick
  • Faculty Advisor: Associate Dean Emily Grant

Environmental Law Society (ELS)
(updated 4/6/2023)

  • President: Tara Hammer
  • Vice President: Emmy Winterhalter
  • Treasurer: Andrew Knapp
  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

* Federal Bar Association (FBA)
(updated 7/22/2022)

The Federal Bar Association represents the Federal legal profession as a premier bar association consisting of more than 18,000 federal lawyers, including 1,500 federal judges, who work together to promote the sound administration of justice, integrity, quality, and independence of the judiciary for the public they serve. The FBA operates nationwide through 6 career divisions, 24 substantive law sections, and hundreds of local chapters throughout the United States. Our local chapter, the Washburn University School of Law Chapter, cordially invites you to consider membership in the Federal Bar Association as part of your academic training and preparation for the practice of law in state or federal courts.

Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies
(updated 4/10/2023)

This organization of conservatives and libertarians is interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on three principles: the state exists to preserve freedom; the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution; and it is emphatically the province and duty of the Judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.

  • President: Dillon Schreckler
  • Vice President: Andrew Doan
  • Secretary: Andrew Foreman
  • Treasurer: John Herrman
  • Communications Director: Adam Hall
  • Faculty Advisor: Dean Jeffrey Jackson

Hispanic and Latino Student Association (HALSA)
(updated 4/20/2024)

  • President: Sarah Vargas
  • Vice President:Angela Broderick
  • Treasurer: Carlos Garza
  • Secretary: Angela Simonds
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Mary Ramirez

International Law Society (ILS)

* J. Reuben Clark Law Society
(updated 7/20/2022)

This organization offers a forum of activities that promote professionalism and sound ethics in the law school environment. The Society also seeks to instill in its members the importance of family, religion, and morals within the future practice of law.

  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Jessup International Law Moot Court

* Labor and Employment Group of Washburn
(updated 7/20/2022)

LLM Students Organization (LSO)
(updated 10/14/2022)

This organization fosters unity, growth, and togetherness among Washburn Law's LL.M. students.

Moot Court Council

Native American Law Student Association (NALSA)
(updated 4/4/2024)

  • President: Nikki Jackson
  • Vice President: Nis Wilbu
  • Treasurer: Brittni Winter
  • Secretary: Nicholas VanHee
  • 1L Representative- Gabriel Smith
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Antonia Kowalska

* Oil, Gas, and Energy Law Society
(updated 7/20/2022)

This organization promotes the study of the law governing development of oil, gas, and other minerals, energy regulation, water rights, environmental law associated with the development of mineral and energy resources, and the regulation of the use of public lands. Visit their Facebook group.

(updated 10/26/2023)

Parents-at-Law provides support, resources, and advocacy for parents and non-traditional students in the Washburn Law community.

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)
(updated 4/6/2023)

  • Justice: Haleigh Karl
  • Vice Justice: Adam Hall
  • Treasurer: Joel Amend
  • Marshall: Paige Harding
  • Clerk: Spencer Cook
  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Pro Bono Society (formerly Equal Justice Works)
(updated 7/20/2022)

This organization focuses on all aspects of public interest law. Its goal is to provide access to the legal system, as well as representation, for those normally without the funds to do so. As an organization we have sponsored forums on controversial topics such as gun control and the death penalty. We have sponsored a coat and winter clothing drive for the Topeka Rescue mission. Along with our national organization, we have participated in local and national internships, fellowships, and even help seek out job opportunities.

  • Advisor: Tammy King, Assistant Dean for Professional Development

Rainbow Bar (formerly Genders & Sexualities Alliance)
(updated 6/7/2023)
Send feedback/comments to Rainbow Bar.

  • President: Alexandro Vasquez
  • Vice President: Riya Baral
  • Treasurer: Alicia Hay
  • Secretary: Theodore Summers
  • Faculty Advisor: Associate Dean Emily Grant

Rural Practice Organization
(updated 2/23/2023)

  • President: Kinsey Griffith
  • Vice President: Clarissa Ratzlaff
  • Secretary: Paige Harding
  • Treasurer: Noah Morgan
  • Social Chair: Brittni Winter
  • Faculty Advisor: Associate Dean Shawn Leisinger

* Sports and Entertainment Law Society
(updated 7/20/2022)

Tax and Estate Planning Association (TEPA)

The Tax and Estate Planning Association (TEPA) is a student-run organization which aims to enhance the education of students by providing opportunities to learn about tax and estate planning law and gain practical experience. One of TEPA's major functions is to coordinate the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program each year. TEPA also provides opportunities for students to interact with and learn from professionals and practitioners within the tax and estate planning industries by inviting such professionals to speak at events open to the entire student body.

* Veterans' Legal Association of Washburn (VLAW)
(updated 7/20/2022)

This organization provides any Washburn law student, staff or faculty member opportunities for involvement with military, veteran and law enforcement organizations within the scope of legal and law-enforcement careers, provides support and guidance for members, veterans and their families at the law school, and serves the community by addressing military, veteran and law-enforcement issues.

Washburn Business Law Society

Washburn Intellectual Property Law Society (WIPLS)
(updated 8/28/2022)

The Society provides a forum for students interested in patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret law and seeks to expand awareness of intellectual property (IP) and its importance in the global marketplace and legal world.

Washburn Law Democrats (WLD)
(updated 9/1/2022)

This organization pursues liberty, justice, and freedom for all, regardless of race, religion, or sex, through support of the Democratic Party and its ideas, ideals, and candidates.

  • President: Emma Hochman
  • Vice-President: Devin Canfield
  • Treasurer: Lauren Martin
  • Secretary: Derek Leiblie
  • Outreach Chair: Grace Eagan
  • Faculty Advisor: Associate Dean Shawn Leisinger

Washburn Law Film Society
(updated 3/27/2022)

Washburn Law Journal

Washburn Law Pickleball Club (WLPC)
(updated 2/9/2023)

This organization give students at Washburn Law a break from legal studies to enjoy time with their peers by partaking in the sport of pickleball.

  • President: Emma Kerns
  • Vice President: Alexis Twombly
  • Treasurer: Anna Cobb
  • Secretary: Andrew Guest
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Ben Smith

Washburn Law Republicans
(updated 4/10/2023)

  • President: Joel Amend
  • Vice President: Jack Roenne
  • Treasurer: Joshua Becker
  • Secretary: Clarissa Ratzlaff
  • Faculty Advisor: Dean Jeffrey Jackson

Washburn Mental Health Society (WMHS)
(updated 3/5/2024)

This organization advocates for the mental health of law students, encourages students to put mental health first, and promotes healthy stress coping mechanisms.

  • President: Gabriel Walker
  • Vice President: Christin Smith
  • Treasurer: Conner Mitchell
  • Events Coordinator: Makenzie Fankhauser
  • Diversity Chair: Sandra Velazquez
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Joseph Mastrosimone

Washburn Student Bar Association
(updated 4/10/2023)
Visit website OR send feedback/comments to WSBA OR contact via email at
Send items for the weekly newsletter to:
See photos of council members.

Council Members: Office | Member | Assigned Committee

  • President: Caitlin Riffer
  • Vice-President: Kiley Deain
  • Treasurer: Brittni Winter [Finance]
  • Treasurer-Elect: [vacant] [Finance]
  • Secretary/Historian: Emmy Winterhalter [Constitution]
  • Secretary-Elect: [vacant] [Constitution]
  • Communications Director: Gabby Altenor [Student Engagement]
  • Communications Director-Elect: [vacant] [Student Engagement]
  • ABA Rep: Ron Mayer [Facilities]
  • ABA Representative-Elect: [vacant] [Facilities]
  • Rep-at-Large: [vacant] [Facilities]
  • Rep-at-Large: Brook Ziegelmeier [Finance]
  • Rep-at-Large: [vacant] [Finance]
  • Rep-at-Large: William Appel [Finance]
  • Rep-at-Large: Ryan Petersen [Student Engagement]
  • Rep-at-Large: Peggy Smalley [Events]
  • 1A Rep: Jonnette Oakes [Events]
  • 1B Rep: Oliva Higdon [Constitution]
  • 1J Rep: Taylor Anderson [Finance]
  • 2L Rep: Zachary Green [Constitution]
  • 2L Rep: Alison Chambers [Facilities]
  • 3L Rep: Taylor Thompson [Facilities]
  • 3L Rep: Briana Hogan [Constitution]
  • LL.M./M.S.L.: Nnenna Nwafor-Orizu [Student Engagemen]
  • Events Director: Miaeda Hutchinson [Events]
  • Events Director-Elect: Riya Baral [Events]
  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Washburn Student Bar Association Barristers' Ball Committee
(updated 10/2/2022)

The annual Barristers' Ball and Charity Auction, sponsored by the Washburn Student Bar Association, is a charity event that raises money for donation to local non-profit organizations. The Committee solicits donations for auction from area businesses, faculty, and other donors; members also plan ball festivities such as the theme, location, caterer, and music. The ball and auction provide an evening for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to socialize over dinner and dancing. Past recipients of proceeds include Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA) (Topeka), Kansas Legal Services (Topeka), the School of Equestrian Arts (Lecompton, Kansas), the Capper Foundation, the Topeka Community Cycle Project (TCCP), YWCA Center for Safety and Empowerment, Topeka Literacy Council, Kids Voting Kansas, and Boys & Girls Club of Topeka.

  • Event Director: Miaeda Hutchinson
  • Events Director-Elect: Riya Baral
  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Women's Legal Forum (WLF)
(updated 3/18/2024)

This organization promotes awareness of women's issues in the law, provides law students with access to professionals in the area, endorses community outreach, and encourages women to become involved and stay involved in the law.

  • President: Carolyn Gonzales
  • Vice President: Emmy Winterhalter
  • Secretary: Kelsie Dent
  • Treasurer: Bailey Coolidge
  • Special Events Coordinator: Olivia Higdon
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Eunice Peters

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