Procedure for Obtaining Authorization to Post to all-law-school-students Discussion List

The all-law-school-students discussion list (hereinafter, Discussion List) provides a mechanism for the law school administration, staff, and faculty to communicate with all Washburn Law students. The Discussion List is a closed list; only individuals who have been properly authorized may post messages that do not require moderator approval.

Student and non-student organizations may designate up to two student representatives from the organization who can post messages directly to the Discussion List without moderator approval.

Representatives agree to use the Discussion List only to disseminate information about their organization's programs and activities. Representatives will be respectful of other law students' desire to not be inundated with numerous e-mails. No more than two messages may be posted to the Discussion List by an organization's representatives for any single event.

Representatives agree they will not use the Discussion List as a forum to express personal opinions and/or concerns. Violation of this agreement may result in revocation, by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, of the representative's privilege to post to the Discussion List.

Obtaining Authorization to Post Messages

A student organization is defined as one being listed on the Washburn Law website's "Student Organization Officers and Websites" page.

A non-student organization is defined as one not listed on the page indicated above. Typically, bar review vendors, Lexis, Westlaw, etc., hire law students as their local representatives.

Representatives from either type of organization must download and complete the all-law-school-students Discussion List Access Form (29 KB PDF). Copies are also available outside the Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA) office.

  • Student organization representatives: The form must be approved and signed by the WSBA President or Vice-President.
  • Non-student organization representatives: The form must be approved and signed by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Completed and signed forms should be placed in the "Library" mailbox in Room 203. Requests will be processed by Rebecca Alexander. Ms. Alexander will adjust the representative's Discussion List account so e-mails can be posted without prior approval. Ms. Alexander will notify the representative and the person who approved the form when an account has been adjusted so posting may begin.

Revised: June 17, 2016