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Chartwells Ordering Process for Law School Student Organizations

To Place an Order

Orders should be placed one week before the event, with a critical deadline of 72 hours in advance. If less than 72 hours, the order will incur a 20% late fee.

Call the Chartwells office, (785) 670-2221, or email and let them know the details of your event. Include date, time of set up and clean up, place, # of people, and menu selection (restricted).

Chartwells will respond by email to the student ordering the food. Once the order has been placed, Chartwells will provide a work order which will include all menu items and total price. Review this carefully and respond if anything is not accurate.

Making Payment

After the event is over Chartwells will create an invoice and email it to the student with the corresponding work order – the price will be the same unless something was added (i.e. an additional 30 people showed up and they had to bring more food). Charges are only added with permission from the person who placed the order.

Review the invoice for accuracy and process it as you would any other expense.

  • Student Organization WSBA Account – provide a payment/reimbursement form and invoice to the WSBA Treasurer.
  • Student Organization Agency Account – have your organization’s Treasurer prepare a payment voucher.
  • If your student organization does not have the funds to pay the expense, take a personal check or provide personal credit card information to Chartwells. They are located in the Union offices, room 113, which is located by the east center stairs down the hall from the restrooms.
  • It is the person ordering's responsibility to make sure there are funds available to pay the invoice. The WSBA Treasurer can provide your WSBA balance and the Associate Dean for Administration's office can provide your agency account balance.