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Organization Funding, Financial Information, and Ordering Food

Updated February 27, 2024.


For questions or concerns, contact us in the Dean's Offices:

Funding Mechanisms

Student organizations are funded and reimbursed through the following mechanisms:

  • Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA) (allocated budget primarily through activity fees) [see below]
    • Contact WSBA Treasurer by emailing, hand delivering, or placing in the WSBA mailbox in the School of Law Library for reimbursement from allocated funds.
  • Agency Account (organization activities) [see below]
    • Organization treasurer completes financial transactions.
  • School of Law (jointly sponsored events with Centers, PDO, etc.) [see below]
    • Complete the "Request for Reimbursement" form (for non-travel related expenses) and provide the form and supporting receipts/invoice to the law school department that authorized the expense.

This page also includes tips for traveling at law school expense to authorized activities [see below] and information about food and beverages at events/meetings [see below].

funding method chart

Guidelines For All Funding

Officers should be careful of even the appearance of impropriety in the use of funds and should contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs with questions. 


  • WSBA Funds may NOT be used for alcohol.
  • Agency Account funds MAY be used for alcohol. 

Donations & Charity

  • Funds may not be donated to a charity outside the law school. *

* If an organization wishes to raise money for charity, the following steps should be taken:

  1. The potential charities should be vetted, and information should be presented to the organization as a whole, including:
    1. The charity's name, address, phone number, contact person, purpose, and percentage of donations used for that purpose rather than for overhead.
    2. The entire organization should vote to choose the charity by at least a majority vote.
    3. All fundraising advertising should state the charity's name and contact information, and whether:
      1. Gross fundraising proceeds will be donated, or
      2. Net fundraising proceeds (after expenses) will be donated.
    4. The Treasurer or specifically designated officer of the organization will be responsible for handling the finances for the fundraising, but the President of the organization will also bear ultimate joint responsibility.
    5. The date for the funds being given to the charity shall be announced in advance of fundraising, not to be past the date of the President's or specifically designated officer's term of office and shall be publicized by the organization.
    6. Outside publicity, if desired, should be organized in advance through the Director of Marketing Communications, marketing@washburnlaw.eduAdvance payments – at least THREE weeks in advance:
    7. Obtain a written Quote from payee and complete the Prepayment Form when speakers, performers, etc. are to be engaged for an activity or event when a check is needed in advance. [see Prepayment form below]
    8. Contact the SOL's Director of Compliance and Administration office for additional requirements and/or information, when a contract/commitment is to be made with a vendor at

Gift Cards:

  • May be purchased for drawings, prizes, etc.
    • Must include recipient(s) of cards and how the recipients were chosen.
  • We recommend you do not use gift cards as a thank you, as it will become a taxable event to the recipient.
  • Gift cards may not be used to give to individuals to purchase items for the organization.

W-9 Forms

  • If a new vendor is being paid. A W-9 Form must be received by them.
  • Submit all new W-9's to the accounting email.

Please Note:

  • Student organizations are encouraged to utilize prepayment options over reimbursement when accessing WSBA allocated funds.
  • Speaker gifts may be provided by the marketing department, without charge, when merchandise is available.
  • Student organizations may also be eligible for tax-exempt purchasing from the following vendors when using WSBA allocated funds: Amazon, Staples, Sam's Club, and Walmart.

Officers should be careful of even the appearance of impropriety in the use of funds and should contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs with questions.

Agency Accounts

Agency Account General Information

  • Financial account administered through Washburn University, similar to a bank account
  • Agency accounts provide more flexibility and do not have the same restrictions as WSBA funds
  • Each student organization is assigned a two-part account code
    Fund: 800000 / Account: 29XXXX
  • Quarterly Activity Statements
    • Quarterly statements are emailed to the individuals identified on the agency account signature card
    • If statement is needed at another time, email your request to, specifying the account number and that a current statement is requested.
  • Agency accounts that are inactive for 18 months will no longer be active for use.

Agency Account Signature Cards/Authorization Form

  • Also known as a signature card.
  • Form to be completed annually to update officer information. The School of Law Dean's Office will send a form to each organization for completion. If you do not receive a form, please contact staff in the School of Law Dean's Office.
  • Organizations will not have access to Agency funds until the Signature Authorization Form is completed and processed by University Accounting.
  • The Signature Authorization Form identifies three officers and the faculty advisor authorized to make account withdrawals/changes.
  • Completed forms should be submitted to
  • The School of Law will forward the forms to Washburn University's Finance Office for processing.
  • Agency Account Deposits

Agency Account Deposits

  1. Complete two copies of University Deposit Form (attached)

    • Complete the contact, deposit, and FOAPAL Information
    • For Sales Tax Section
      • Fundraising activities are normally subject to collection of sales tax.
      • Activities subject to sales tax include, but are not limited to, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and auction proceeds.
      • Donations are not subject to sales tax.
      • If your deposit is subject to sales tax, the sales tax needs to be deducted from the sales amount provided.
        • There is a sales tax guide provided in the forms section as well as a link to the Sales Tax Calculator portal. (Under Tax Matters Section)
      • For questions on the taxability of fundraising activities, contact Julie DesRuisseaux at
    • Supporting Documentation
      • Supporting documentation must be attached to all deposits.
      • Documentation should include a list of payers, check numbers, and amounts paid. Your organization should keep your own list, as well.
      • When cash is deposited, make sure the cash has had another individual count and sign a document confirming the cash total, even if it is a small note. Include this with the deposit slip, as well. 
  2. Submit the original and a copy of the deposit form along with cash and checks to the Business Office, Morgan Hall, located in Rm 103-O, and send a copy to to review and record.

  3. NOTE: The President and Treasurer are responsible for accurate record keeping. Your organization should keep a list of (at a minimum):

    • Who has ordered and specifics about individual orders, if applicable (i.e. what sizes, colors, etc.).
    • Quantity each individual ordered.
    • Who has received the item and on what date (have them initial or sign).
    • Who has paid.

Food and Beverages

For WSBA Funds & Agency Account Funds

There are three ways to provide food and beverages for meetings and events being held on campus. 

  • Ordering from Glory Days for pizza (organization pays a per pizza surcharge).
    • Complete the Student Glory Days Order Form at least one week prior to the event.
  • Order from Chartwells-approved School of Law Student Organization Menu.
    • Complete the Student Chartwells Munu Order Form at least one week prior to the event and email to
    • Menu is found on form
  • Order from Chartwells regular catering menu.
    • Complete Student Chartwells Menu Order Form & use the Special-Order Info section.
    • To see Chartwells regular catering menu see attachments.
  • All forms must be completed and submitted to

Details Regarding Contract and Outside Food

  • Washburn University has a sole source contract with Chartwells Dining Services.
  • An organization that wants to provide food or beverages for an event or meeting held on campus must use Chartwells or Pepsi products. Student and school funds are not authorized for non-Pepsi or non-Chartwells food on campus without their permission.
    • The only exception is for ordering pizza. Chartwells has authorized the School of Law to purchase pizzas from only one approved vendor: Glory Days Pizza.
    • In addition to the Glory Days charge the organization ordering pizza will pay Chartwells a $1.50 per pizza surcharge.
  • Pepsi products may be purchased from any merchant, such as Chartwells, Sam's, Walmart, etc. However, you still have to purchase Pepsi products. A list of approved Pepsi products (96 KB PDF) is available for reference on the Purchasing Office website.
    • The Law School has a Sam's card you may check out which will automatically remove taxes from your purchase. For non-Sam's purchases, please request a tax exemption certificate from the Dean's office prior to shopping.
  • The sole source restriction applies to providing food to more than one individual, so individuals may bring their own lunch to campus.
  • Other food services may be used for meetings/events not being held on campus.

Prepayment & Reimbursement Forms

For WSBA Funds & Agency Account Funds


For approval to order items with WSBA Allocated Budget funds OR Agency Account Funds, complete the Student Prepayment Form. Treasurers should submit the completed form to

Confirm that two organization officers have signed the form. Use the "Fill & Sign" function in Adobe Acrobat. Washburn's Accounts Payable Office requires more than a typed name.

  • The WSBA/Org Treasurer will review the form for complete information.
    • If the form is not complete, the WSBA/Org Treasurer will return the form for completion.
    • When the form is complete, the WSBA/Org Treasurer will review account balances, and if funding is available, forward the form to the School of Law Dean's Office for ordering.
  • The order will be placed by staff in the Dean's office and have it shipped to the School of Law.

If seeking a reimbursement from WSBA or Agency Account Funds, fill out the Student Reimbursement Form. Treasures should submit the completed form to

  • Confirm that two organization officers have signed the form. Use the "Fill & Sign" function in Adobe Acrobat. Washburn's Accounts Payable Office requires more than a typed name.
  • The WSBA/Org Treasurer will review the form for complete information.
    • If the form is not complete, the WSBA/Org Treasurer will return the form for completion.
    • When the form is complete, the WSBA/Org Treasurer will review account balances, and if funding is available, forward the form to the School of Law Dean's Office for ordering.
  • The reimbursement will be placed by staff in the Dean's office and have it processed to Accounts payable.

Contracts Reminders

A contract, for student organization purposes, is any agreement that involves entering into a financial arrangement that requires a signature on a document to legally bind organization funds.

  • What types of arrangements?
    Entertainers, off-campus venues, and off-campus catering other than Chartwells are the main types of contracts. However, this list is not exhaustive.
  • Who needs to review?
    Compliance Director Kelly McPherron does the first review: please send to The contract might be returned for changes at that point. Once changes, if any, are received, the contract will be sent to the WU General Counsel and Purchasing Office for their review and redlining. The vendor may then need to make additional changes. Redlining is an iterative process.
  • How long does review last?
    As long as it takes. The best plan is to submit the contract several months in advance of the event or the delivery date. Three months is a minimum, a year in advance is even better.
  • Who can sign?
    No one in the law school, including students, can sign the contract. Signature authority rests elsewhere.
  • Tips for a Smoother Contract Process
    • In the Responsible Party section (or Lessee, Purchaser, etc.), always list as Washburn University. Do not use Washburn Law, School of Law, Washburn School of Law, or the organization's name.
    • Be sure the contract has a signature line for all parties and that all documents contain party names.
    • Verify the contract has as much detail about the event, purchase, etc., as possible. Leaving blank the dates of service, times for service, number of people, etc., will increase delay and redlining.

Travel (Individual & Group)

Before a student can go on school sponsored trip OR a trip funded by another school/organization must complete the Student Pre-Travel Packet. It includes… 

  • Travel Authorization Form (required)
  • Travel Policy Acknowledgment Form (required)
  • Personal Information Form (required)
  • Motor Vehicle Form (conditional)
  • Travel Advance Acknowledgment Form (optional)

A student should also submit the Student Pre-Travel Form if they are traveling alone or on behalf of another department such as Admissions.

  • This form will contain your travel plans and booking needs.

When students return from a trip that needs to be reimbursed by the school, they need to complete the Post-Travel Packet. It includes…

  • Instructions on submitting receipts
  • Missing receipt form

Students traveling in GROUPS for competitions, conferences, etc. should fill out the following

  • Student Pre-Travel Packet
  • Group Pre-Travel Form (only filled out by one member)
  • Post-Travel Packet

Student Organizations Using Venmo Accounts to Accept Payment for Short-term Sale Events

As fewer students carry cash or checks, student organizations doing short-term sale events have increasingly offered to allow payment through an officer's personal Venmo account, or a similar app. Although using a personal app would not be acceptable in a lawyer's practice, the university's finance office reluctantly allows it for student organizations because of practical reasons. It would prefer that everything be paid for via check or by the organization setting up a Marketplace account. (Marketplace is the system that the university now uses in place of PayPal.) It is understood, however, that many students do not use checks and that it takes time to set up a Marketplace account.

The university requests that if an organization has a big event (such as Barrister’s Ball) or a recurring event (for example, a sale of organization t-shirts each year) that the organization plan ahead and arrange for funds to be taken in through Marketplace rather than through Venmo or a similar app. Requests should be made AT LEAST 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE by contacting Funds taken in by Marketplace will go directly into the organization’s agency account.

An exception to the use of Marketplace is PAD, because rather than having an agency account, it is bound by the national leadership's requirement that membership fees and any other funds (other than those granted by WSBA) be deposited in an outside bank account that is monitored and audited by the national organization. PAD is the only law school organization currently authorized by the university to have an outside bank account rather than an agency account.

If Venmo is used, all organizations should also allow payment to be made via cash or check. If cash is taken in, the cash should be counted by two people from the organization and promptly deposited in the organization's agency account or, if this isn't immediately feasible, given to the Dean's office so that it can be put in the safe until the deposit can be made. The cash should be in an envelope with the organization, officer, purpose (e.g., t-shirt sales), and total clearly marked on the envelope.

Students have sometimes explored the option of moving away from using a personal Venmo account by creating a Venmo account dedicated just to the organization. This is basically just another personal account, since the officer has to give their social security number and is still personally responsible for the account. It isn't something that currently can be established for the organization to continue year after year.

Although the university will continue to explore methods for getting away from student organizations' use of Venmo accounts, at this time a practical solution has not been found for all situations.


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