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Academic Support Program

Congratulations on being admitted to Washburn University School of Law! Take a minute to bask in your achievements and then take a deep breath: you are about to face new challenges that will result in even greater success. You are entering a totally new environment, one requiring new skills, discipline, focus, and a tremendous amount of time.

At Washburn Law, you will get a jump start on developing the skills necessary for success in law school by attending First Week before the regular semester begins. During this week, you will receive training in critical reading and case law briefing from nationally recognized professors. For the rest of the year, the Academic Support team and the faculty will help you hone these skills through workshops and small classes devoted to giving you training and feedback in legal research, writing, and analysis. In addition, upper-level students that serve as Small Group Mentors will help you get acclimated to life in law school and Academic Fellows offer academic support and guidance to first-year law students.

After your first year, you have the option to enroll in Multiple Assessment Courses (MACs). MACs give law students the opportunity to complete and receive feedback on multiple graded assignments during the semester, allowing you to track your performance and target areas where improvement is needed before receiving your final grade.

If you have any questions about the Academic Support Program, please contact Professor Chelsea Baldwin.

Congratulations once more on your past achievements, and here's to a bright future through academic success in law school!

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