Graphic: Map of the world showing possible locations for third year anywhere externships.

Third Year Anywhere®

Beginning with fall 2019 admittees, Washburn Law students will have the opportunity to complete their final year of law school through the Third Year Anywhere® program. Students who participate in this program increase their practice-readiness by externing in the geographic area where they plan to practice after graduation (subject to limitations based on student safety and educational integrity). Students will earn credit while gaining real-world experience working 20 hours per week in one of six sectors:

  • corporate,
  • government,
  • higher education,
  • judicial,
  • law firm, or
  • public interest.

Opportunities also exist in underserved rural locations.

Benefits of the Third Year Anywhere® program include:

  • An externship placement, with a supervising attorney, in the legal market where the student intends to practice following graduation.
  • Increased practical training through significant legal work and more responsibility in the representation of clients.
  • Joining the local bar association and networking with lawyers.
  • A possible reduction in the cost of the J.D. and student debt load for students who live with family during their placement.
  • Ability to use the placement supervisor as a reference in the student's job search.
  • Studying in the locale where the student intends to take the bar exam.
  • Ability to interview for jobs in the remote legal market during the third year of law school.
  • Increased proficiency in the use of technology in law practice.
  • Ability to earn income for students who secure a paid placement.

Because ABA Standards restrict distance learning, students seeking to enroll in the Third Year Anywhere® should not take any distance education courses prior to their third year of law school.

Students interested in the Third Year Anywhere® program will:

  • submit a Declaration of Interest by the 6th week of the 3rd semester of law school and
  • submit an application by the 4th week of the 4th semester of law school.

Enrollment is competitive and limited to students the faculty deem best prepared to benefit from an out-of-residence practicum and distance education.

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Third Year Anywhere® Faculty
Photograph: Craig Martin.

Craig Martin
Professor of Law

Photograph: Shawn Leisinger.

Shawn Leisinger
Associate Dean for Centers and External Programs

Third Year Anywhere® In The News
Graphic: Map showing possible third year anywhere externship locations.

Learn about the Third Year Anywhere® enrollment option and check out the links to media coverage, below.

Prospective New York Bar Exam Takers

Students enrolled in Third Year Anywhere® are not eligible to sit for the New York bar due to that state's 15 credit hour limitation on distance education.

Remote Exam Proctoring

Students enrolling in online courses may have to use remote proctoring software for testing. If needed, the software will be provided to the student at no charge.

Photograph: Third year courses will be taken online.

Participants in the Third Year Anywhere® option will take their courses online.

Photograph: Jessica Dorsey, class of 2008, now a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

"I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and teach at the University of Amsterdam School of Law. It's invaluable to build a network where you want to live and practice. An out-of-residence experience gives you a leg up when you're in the job market. Employers are always looking for experiences that make you stand out, and anything out of the ordinary makes you a more attractive candidate. In my opinion, Washburn Law's Third Year Anywhere® enrollment option is a must. My advice is don't delay – apply now!"
Jessica Dorsey, '08
Lecturer of Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics at the University of Amsterdam; Associate Fellow, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism

Jessica Dorsey talks about the value of an out-of-residence externship.

Placement locations are subject to availability and limitations to ensure student safety and educational integrity. Eligible placements must be in excess of a 35-mile radius of the law school.