The Professional Development Office (PDO) offers students, alumni, and employers access to a web-based system that streamlines many services provided by the office and improves services for all.

Symplicity is a program created especially for law school career planning offices. It allows students and alumni to create personal profiles regarding their career interests and educational and career background. The profiles allow PDO staff to quickly and easily identify students and alumni with particular interests, whether geographic or career related. Employers also create profiles within the system which can be searched and “tagged as favorites” by job seekers using the system.

Job postings are easy to search in the web-based system. Job postings were previously posted on the Washburn Law site and essentially consisted of a list of jobs separated in categories such as student jobs, attorney positions in Kansas, judicial clerkship positions, etc. Symplicity is much more flexible because it allows students and alumni to search for positions meeting certain criteria and set parameters for the system to notify them of new positions.

Symplicity also proves a secure place for students and alumni to store documents necessary for the job search, such as resume and writing samples.

Symplicity significantly streamlines the process of on-campus recruiting for both students and employers. Employers who wish to participate in on-campus interviews create a profile and specify the materials they need from students. Students then upload the requested documents to the system and employers review the materials on-line or download or print only what is necessary. Not only does this allow students and employers to "recruit in their pajamas" by having access to the system 24/7, it significantly reduces the amount of time and paper spent on the recruiting process. As more schools around the country begin using this system, employers are able to create one profile and submit their requests for both on-campus interviews and job postings to numerous schools with a click of the mouse.

Finally, the system allows users to view a calendar of upcoming events and to schedule appointments in the PDO. In short, the system is a "one-stop-shop" for students, alumni, and employers seeking service from the PDO.

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