Washburn Law ABA/LSD Negotiation Competition Team Reaches the Final Four

Photograph: Jessica Stabler and Kevin Kemp.The Washburn University School of Law negotiation competition team of Jessica Stabler and Kevin Kemp took fourth place at the national finals February 3-4, 2012. The American Bar Association/Law School Division (ABA/LSD) Negotiation Competition was held at the mid-year ABA meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The team of Stabler and Kemp beat 224 teams of 448 law students from 116 law schools across the country.

The Washburn team qualified for the national competition when they took second place in the finals of the Region 8 ABA/LSD Negotiation Competition in November.

Shawn Leisinger, Executive Director, Centers for Excellence, is the coach of the Negotiation Competition team.

"I was complimented by a number of the round judges and National Negotiation Committee members on the class and professionalism our Washburn team demonstrated throughout the national competition rounds," said Leisinger. "I was proud to have other coaches comment that Washburn is one of the recognized competitive teams to try to beat in the ABA/LSD Negotiation Competition."

Posted February 6, 2012.