Nichols Advises How To Use a Law Degree

Photograph: William Edward 'Ed' Nichols.The Business and Transactional Law Center hosted William Edward "Ed" Nichols, '71, for the Lunch and Learn presentation "Build Your Own Road to Travel: How to Use Your Law Degree" on February 18, 2016. Nichols spoke about his legal career and provided an overview of the diverse opportunities available to today's attorney. He advised students to initially join a general practice firm in order to become versed in many areas before launching out on their own.

Nichols' career began with a bond council clerkship at a Topeka law firm. Upon graduation Nichols became a senior partner in Nichols & Wolfe, a municipal bond law firm working on general improvement and industrial bonds. When the bond business became repetitive he sold his practice and moved to Colorado. Nichols entered the brokerage business shortly before becoming a consultant for companies seeking to raise capital. He observed that the most important aspect of his work comes down to understanding people. His career is illustrative of the many rewards someone with a J.D. can reap.

Nichols currently serves as a consultant and in-house counsel for SetNet Global, Ltd., a financial transaction processing company located in the United Kingdom. He also serves as the managing director of Nichols and Company, L.L.C., a management consulting firm. Nichols previously worked extensively in the areas of oil and gas, banking, bond, finance, and management law. Nichols has served as corporate counsel, director, officer, and member of the executive committee of several public and private companies including T-Rex Oil, Inc., General Environmental Corporations, and Three Forks, Inc. where he served as the chief executive officer.