Strengthening Families Model in a Legal Context

With generous support from the Kansas Children's Cabinet & Trust Fund, the Washburn University School of Law Children and Family Law Center created a six-part webinar series for family law professionals (e.g. lawyers, judges, CASAs) on topics pertaining to cultivating family well-being through application of the strengthening families model in a legal context. The webinars were researched, written, and presented by a team of Washburn Law students, supervised by Professor Gillian Chadwick, Associate Director of the Center.

Lawyers Strengthening Families

This presentation defines the Strengthening Families Approach; explains the importance of the approach; and describes how the Strengthening Families Approach benefits attorneys, judges, and clients in the legal system. Length: 26:43.

Transcript (2.2 MB PDF) | Watch on YouTube
Created by: Samantha Erazo and Tina Wenzl.

Child Development & Family Systems

This presentation focuses on aspects of child development and family systems that attorneys should know in order to provide effective representation to children. Topics covered include child development, capacity of the child, and family systems. Length: 2:08:41

Transcript (6.1 MB PDF) | Watch on YouTube
Created by: Samantha Erazo, Reilly Franek, and Jackie Hanzok.

Domestic Violence and Coercive Control

This presentation defines domestic violence and coercive control; explains how domestic violence and coercive control affect both adults and children; brings light to how the legal system disadvantages domestic violence survivors; and provides best practices for handling cases involving domestic violence and coercive control. Length: 45:59.

Transcript (2.5 MB PDF) | Watch on YouTube
Created by: Kayla Clark and Makeebba Deterville.

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences): What Are They and Why Should Attorneys Care?

This presentation defines adverse childhood experiences (ACEs); discusses why attorneys should care; the prevalence of aces; the categories of ACEs; the effects of ACEs; and strategies that attorneys can use for working with and preventing ACEs. Length: 40:13.

Transcript (6.1 MB PDF) | Watch on YouTube
Created by: Reilly Franek, Jordan Morton and Tina Wenzl.

Protective Factors for Trauma

This presentation introduces protective factors (i.e., factors that buffer stress from adversity and protect against challenges that can lead to abuse or neglect); gives examples of protective factors; and discusses how they relate to family law. Length: 27:28.

Transcript (2.2 MB PDF) | Watch on YouTube
Created by: Jackie Hanzok and Makeebba Deterville.

Legal Ethics and the Strengthening Families Model

This presentation discusses the strengthening families model; the different actors in family law cases; the impacts of the strengthening families model on attorneys ethical obligations; and how attorneys can use the model to advocate better for their clients. Length: 44:59.

Transcript (2 MB PDF) | Watch on YouTube
Created by: Jordan Morton and Kayla Clark.

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Project Supervisor
Photograph: Gillian Chadwick.

Gillian Chadwick
Children and Family Law Center, Associate Director and Law Clinic, Director

Washburn Law Student Project Team
  • Kayla Clark
  • Makeebba Deterville
  • Samantha Erazo
  • Reilly Franek
  • Jackie Hanzok
  • Jordan Morton
  • Tina Wenzl

This series of videos is also available on YouTube as a Playlist.