Food Pantry: Bods Feeding Bods

The Washburn University Food Pantry is available to all students, including law students, with a valid Washburn student ID. See location and times.


Students are asked to complete an initial "intake" form that requests the number of family members someone is getting food for and a few similar questions so that the school has an estimate of how many students are served each year. These forms remain confidential and are only used for end-of-year calculations. After the first visit, students only need to show their WU ID; visit cards that are kept in the pantry where individuals check in include only a WU ID number. Again, this is only for the school to track the use of the pantry and any data used is aggregate.

Volunteer workers are trained to respect privacy concerns. There should always be a volunteer available, but in the event there is an emergency and no volunteer is available, call the number on the door and someone should be able to open the pantry within a short time.


The food pantry is grateful for food donations that anyone wants to provide. As well as food, the pantry accepts donations of feminine hygiene products, diapers, and household supplies (e.g., toilet paper, new toothbrushes, etc.) Please contact Kristine Hart, Associate Director of LinC (Center for Community Service & Civic Engagement) at if you need donation barrels or have other questions.