Student studying in library

Copiers, printers, microform


The Law Library is equipped with three copiers for patron use. Copiers are located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. Patrons affiliated with Washburn University may pay cash for copies ($.10) or use their Washburn iCard ($.07). The copiers acept change and $1.00 and $5.00 bills. The library is unable to make change or break bills for patrons. Patrons are encourage to bring appropriate bills and change for copying.

Patrons who are not affiliated with Washburn may pay cash for copies ($.10) or purchase an encoded card. Using the encoded card drops the price of copies to $.07 per copy. The encoded card may be purchase at a dispensing machine near the Reference Desk. Each card cost $1.00 to purchase. Money may be added to the card using one, five, ten, or twenty dollar bills.

All questions or problems about photocopiers should be directed to the Circulation Desk.



Washburn law students may select from five printers throughout the law library. Students may print from computer lab desktops to Lab Printers 1 & 2. Students may also print from their laptops the lab printers or one of three other printers. One large-capacity printer is located on the 2nd floor near the library public services department. There are also printers located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the library in the copier rooms. 

Non-Law Patrons

Non-law school patrons have access to printing only in the Reference area of the library. The cost for printing is $.10 per page. Patrons should pay the reference librarian when they are finished printing.

To reduce the cost of printing, the library encourages patrons to download files to various storage devices.

Microform Reader-Printer

The Law Library provides one digital microform reader printer for patrons to use. Patrons can use the digital reader-printer to view and print publications on microforms. Because the reader-printer saves images in digital format, patrons can also email images, or download them to a storage device. The cost of using the reader printer is $.10 per printed page. There is no charge for emailing or downloading images.